May 14, 2013

Oh My English and Lawson

Doesn't Oh My English! The TV series aired on Astro TVIQ, remind you of Mind Your Language? The approach taken to help viewers improvised their language skills (especially in speech) is very effective. When you are shown on how to apply language in daily use, especially when comic and humour is involved, viewers grasp it better and they actually remember it much effectively too. My children, although they are already good in English, enjoys this show very much and for me after watching Season 1 and now Season 2, I must say, it's pretty hilarious.

To add, I'm impressed with the advertisements made for Oh My English (OME)! Their short yet powerful advertisements that grants viewers an insightful education in just 1minute. Try watching this and see how much a kid can benefit out of it? This is definitely a fantastic way to Teach English! Well done Oh My English!

I believe OME has penetrated into the minds of many Malaysians, because these days when any of us make a grammatical error in our English, we automatically say "Oh My Englishhhhhhh!!!" (So contagious!)

To me, such a program truly displays the Positive Power of media in responsibly bringing us Malaysians together by connecting us through language. Don't you think?

By the way, I prefer this much more to Mind Your Language. You don't have to hear the sounds of beeps censoring profanity or watch spilling boops and butt cheeks in a classroom.

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