Feb 8, 2012

* Parental Evolution

Evolution is a big word, one that can bring about a lot of good, especially in parenting. Many of us will agree that as years or decades go by, the generation coming along behind us, are changing so drastically in many aspects of human living. Behavioural changes in the young is so in tuned with our high-tech environment and thus brings about a generation that looks at life in a completely different aspect as compared to our days.

Many in my age are already parents and our kids are old enough to be influenced by this ever changing world. The question is, are we changing along with our kids to keep up with their world?

I seriously believe, we have to. At times it may seem like we have no choice, but in order to understand our children as they grow into being adults, we need to keep up in fact be a few steps ahead in time than they are.

This wasn't the thought of our parents, whose generation still survives amongst us. They grew older as parents who believed their kids should remain within their borders of life. Advancement in technology and lifestyle was immoral to many of them tho not all.

But being parents of this era, we need to consider evolving before our kids so that we can always be part of their lives and always share commonness with them to whatever age they become.

I don't want to ever lose touch of what is out there for my kids because I was too busy sitting under a coconut shell, or expecting my kids not to evolve with the world because I failed to do so. No I'm not talking about moral values, I'm talking about everything else besides that. Morality makes you a good person, one that no matter how one evolves, that can never change.

I'm talking about the speed life is riding on in matters of technology.

So don't lag behind and expect your kids to stick by your old school or you will end up seeing them as strangers in your own home.

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