May 14, 2013

Putting Power Into Passion

 Forget about the fast lane. If you really want to fly, just harness youpower to your passion. -Oprah

The power of passion is a remarkable thing. It can move a mountain if you put your mind and heart to it. Everyone thinks it is important to be in life's fast lane. To achieve what others are achieving or more, to fulfil the expectations of the world and to be obliged to the needs of everyone forgetting that within us ourselves lies a pasture that needs to be attended to. Your own visions for yourself.

We have seen how when someone decides to put away their career and pay attention to their dreams (yes often our career at hand never was our dream, it just happened by chance or to fulfil the ambitions of our parents), people around them think they are crazy and might pull them down with their words of concerns.

 Not many people who are close to you will understand the passion that burns within you because they do not share the same aspirations as you but that doesn't mean you should not venture it nor own it.
All you need is your own consent. The rest will fall in place so long as your power for that passion does not fade and when your wave hits a low tide, take it easy and find within yourself a place where nothing is impossible (Deepak Chopra), repossess your passion with the power that lies within your own will and you will get back on that high wave and sail away to achieving what you want.

Word of Advice:
When you have reached the point where you are proud of yourself, don't be disheartened if some care not to acknowledge it. It's very human to want acknowledgement. Gratification from others always feels good but in life (as I have learnt) the toughest thing to get from those whom you think cares, is a simple encouragement or support even if it cost them nothing! End of the day, remember, they don't matter. As long as you are happy; knowing there are people who appreciate what you have done for them, or admire your accomplishments is by far an added bonus to everything you already did for yourself! Be grateful at all times for having yourself for you!

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