May 7, 2013

Stop Provoking!

Source: Malaysiakini

If only the government listened to the RAKYAT they will know that many Chinese are not against BN on the whole but against MCA. I spoke to a few locals here and most of them say, “what’s the point of voting for a BN-MCA Candidate who never did anything in our area and let him continue for another term to do nothing?” and the same time many have rejected a Pakatan leader here and voted for a BN-MIC candidate on the grounds that the former didn’t show his face after he got his place in the Parliament. It is unfortunate for BN to have lost their votes like that. So what should be done is to work towards getting candidates that are fit for the job not Candidates to fill the slot. Isn’t it?

Newspapers must know that people react literally to what you write, unless this is their intentional action, don’t taint the value of Journalism by unethically throwing headlines that can cause chaos. Instead of provoking racial tensions through the mainstream media, how about diplomatically working on solving the problem?

BN, you won the next term right? Suggest you get started with your work, and to the question "What more the Chinese wants?" How about asking them and listening for a change? I asked and listened and I think it’s pretty sensible why they voted otherwise.

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