May 20, 2013

The Enthusiasm from The Hour

With all that is going on in Malaysia with regards to post GE13, watching The Hour, enthusiastically drives my passion for the cry of freedom in journalism and speech, for true democracy and most of all what loyal citizens are meant and allowed to be - Passionate for the wellness of their country.  The show just falls right into context for what is happening around me now.

Malaysians fighting for change.
Fighting for freedom of speech.
Fighting for clean and fair elections.
Fighting against corruption.
Fighting for a true democracy where its citizens are supposed to be allowed to ask and question without being arrested and shouted at in the headlines of the media - WHAT MORE WE WANT?
Is that what we have become? Or have we always been this way?
With cyber world in our hand, only now we are truly seeing the "Supposed Democracy" we live in?
Why are the voices of those who care becoming such a  HUGE THREAT to those in power? Is it fair for politicians to condemn our rights and dictate to us what they believe the ideology of democracy is to be? As long as they are in power, no one else has the right to question?

What the present home minister said in the media that those who are not happy with the government and with the present political situation, should migrate, is totally unacceptable. Would he change his house if his roof leaked? Or stay silent if he found his wife cheating on him? That's simple household issues. How does he deal with it? Asking the RAKYAT to "belah" if not happy?

When politicians behave like selfish immature toddlers, they are not fit to be called leaders anymore. Reading all this in the papers, makes my blood boil to think that they care not what they so blatantly say and take such pride in their idiocy.

How can anyone not care about what is being uttered from their mouth? Even if you did vote them into the parliament, aren't you appalled at how insensitive these people are towards those who think differently? Towards those who believe differently?

In school, we are thought to accept a healthy competition at all times. That competition is a good thing as it drives you to go forward in a race to win it. Why can't our leaders in power now, look at the opposition as a healthy competition and stop behaving like a bunch of insolent cowards?

Stop with the racist comments, and 'migrate if you can't stand' suggestions. You all sound like scaredy cats! Then again may be you all just are!  

Anyway, my favourite quote amongst many from The Hour (Season1) is this - "In democracy one has the right to ask a question, and the question is do we really live in democracy or under the illusion of one?" - Lord Elms.

Think about it? Staying silent only makes those in power assume they are the best!
Allow those who have a voice to speak, and if our leaders are leaders, they would and should address matters more constructively and cautiously!

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