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Another Day..

A new day should never be addressed as JUST ANOTHER day.  Many long for one more day to make things right,
to start what they have planned and to finish what they have started. One more day to say I love you. One more day to say good bye.

While you have that day given to you as you awoke with the sunrise, embrace the beauty of it as a gift and make the most out of it.

Whether you spend lazing it away, or by planning a monumental development for a nation, the day is yours to cherish doing what you love and with whom you love, living it right, living it with gratitude.  I know how many times I wished I had one more day with my loved ones for me to embrace them.

Don't take it for granted and don't use the wrong words to address a gift either.
 "JUST" means simply; only; no more than. I doubt another 24hours given to us means that.

Whatever may be bugging you, don't let it cloud the value of this gift given to you.
You hold the key to making the best out of anything…

Your Light Will Burn Within Me

Eleven years have passed from your passing away,
but it feels like it was just yesterday,
you spoke to me the night before you left,
and shared what you wished for me to last.

I don't know what your life in that realm is like,
but I bet you are in much delight,
to be closer to the God you love,
and the man you honoured throughout your life.

I miss you so much, that much I know,
this life without you, feels shallow and cold,
but the strength I saw in your life helps me keep my spirits high,
to know that no matter what, God will always be by my side.

I wished you had the chance to hold my kids,
to pamper and shower them with your love and bliss,
but I take consolation that though you are not with them,
they know you, love you and I see you in them.

Rest in peace my dearest mummy,
rest in the grace our God gives us,
for the land you walk on now is where I am destined to be,
trusting I will someday meet you in eternity.

Till that day comes, take comfort that you have taught me right…

Life Is Responding To You

I believe the words in the picture above just says it all.  Life is not happening to you. it's responding to you. Study its responses and embrace it for acceptance of a job well done or a sign for personal change. How you act to it is how it will react to you.
Reminds me of those times I've heard people say, they don't know why others hurt them so much.  In a similar way, this is the answer. How others treat you is usually their reaction to what you act on them.

All it takes is ONE

Today was a remarkable day for me, my Belle and her 30 classmates and here is why. During the last school break, I decided to throughly look through Belle's activity books and before I could go through her English book, she brought a complain to me.  Apparently her English teacher had them do 3 pages from the activity book which required them to listen to an audio/reading from the teacher's part before attempting to answer the questions.

Obviously this was the section for 'listening skill'. The teacher was apparently too busy with the preparation of English week and she asked them to do these 3 pages themselves despite knowing, correct answers can only be obtained upon them listening to something, despite Belle asking her, "But this is a listening activity!"
So i decided to do what I always did back when Belle was in Sri Sedaya, write a note on the top of the page and ask Belle to go and show it to the teacher.

While Sedaya, it was usually addressed to her BM …

My Child is Better Than The System!

This is another case of EGOISTIC Parenting! Almost fits to be a continuation of my previous post.
Parents who think their child is above a certain standard and refuses to accept otherwise.
Many educated parents think that because they are educated and some what a brainiac, they believe their offsprings are SUPERHEROES! Well probably The Incredibles can fit that stereotype, but come on, a system is created to evaluate a child. Of course not all child is built to be within a classification.

A friend of mind who teaches English at a language centre always shares her experiences with me, about parents who walk into her centre and expect their child to be placed into a certain high grade without even considering the evaluation results of their child.

"No no, cannot be! She's very good in her English one! She must not be put in the beginner's class. She is advance one!"  (Another denial!)

REALLY? Apparently her scores were below average on the test. But I guess, money rule…

Destruction via Denial

I believe the worst attitude to have in a person is DENIAL. Can you imagine how destructive it can be to you if you are constantly pointed to what needs rectifying and you deny and carry on as if it didn't matter? It's bad for your own self, those around you and at many instances it can even crash down a system or a country if leaders lived in denial.

Bottom line, denial is a destructive attitude to own.
 It's important to know when you need to recheck your actions and work on the constructive criticisms that heads your way by putting aside EGO. It's true, it's our life, and we are the boss of it, but there are many people around us, who genuinely care for us and when something that needs repairing is told to us, we ought to ponder on it and evaluate and see if a remedial action is required rather than to dismiss it entirely and go into denial. We owe ourselves that much at least before the damage is irreversible. Don't you think?

Well the reason I've decid…

Orchestra Of Coughs

Source: You Tube
My kids are unwell and I feel so helpless seeing them in this state. The fever was the most worrisome but now this cough that just doesn't seem to get off of them. They are tired of taking their medicines. I don't blame them, but they have no choice. Right now I'm in the midst of an Orchestra. Every one of them is taking turns to play their coughing pipes and I occasionally hit the bass for them with my own cough. Oh please get well soon.