Jun 24, 2013

Another Day..

A new day should never be addressed as JUST ANOTHER day. 
Many long for one more day to make things right,
to start what they have planned and to finish what they have started.
One more day to say I love you.
One more day to say good bye.

While you have that day given to you as you awoke with the sunrise, embrace the beauty of it as a gift and make the most out of it.

Whether you spend lazing it away, or by planning a monumental development for a nation, the day is yours to cherish doing what you love and with whom you love, living it right, living it with gratitude. 
I know how many times I wished I had one more day with my loved ones for me to embrace them.

Don't take it for granted and don't use the wrong words to address a gift either.
 "JUST" means simply; only; no more than.
I doubt another 24hours given to us means that.

Whatever may be bugging you, don't let it cloud the value of this gift given to you.
You hold the key to making the best out of anything.
Remember for a star to shine, it requires darkness, but it never stops shining in the light, in other words, no matter what your circumstances, never forget to embrace the beauty of the life you have.
Have an awesome day and may your every new day be as wonderful if not better than the last.

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