Jun 23, 2013

Your Light Will Burn Within Me

Eleven years have passed from your passing away,
but it feels like it was just yesterday,
you spoke to me the night before you left,
and shared what you wished for me to last.

I don't know what your life in that realm is like,
but I bet you are in much delight,
to be closer to the God you love,
and the man you honoured throughout your life.

I miss you so much, that much I know,
this life without you, feels shallow and cold,
but the strength I saw in your life helps me keep my spirits high,
to know that no matter what, God will always be by my side.

I wished you had the chance to hold my kids,
to pamper and shower them with your love and bliss,
but I take consolation that though you are not with them,
they know you, love you and I see you in them.

Rest in peace my dearest mummy,
rest in the grace our God gives us,
for the land you walk on now is where I am destined to be,
trusting I will someday meet you in eternity.

Till that day comes, take comfort that you have taught me right,
That you have showed me the importance of love and like.
You gave me memories to share and keep,
and your light will live strong forever within me.

I love you...

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