Jul 11, 2013

The Holy Month of Ramadan & Belle

Last week CJ came home with a picture he coloured in school which said MONTH OF RAMADAN and it was on our study table along with our books and reading materials till yesterday, being the first day of Ramadan and Belle's official experience of the fasting month in a public school, since previously being in a private school with only a handful of Malays and Muslim, she had no experience of personally seeing someone fast, other than for ourselves during our Holy Month of LENT but even then I have not put my kids on a fasting ritual yet.

Belle came home with a new recess instruction for the non-muslims in school.

Recess was shortened slightly, which meant the non muslims would have to eat faster and get back to class sooner than usual. She was not upset with the arrangement, but what impressed me most was what she did last night. While arranging the books on the study table, she saw CJ's colouring and she looked at it for a while and turned to ask me if she could place it on our fridge.

I said of course you can but I also wanted to know why.

Her respond was, "I need to keep it up on the fridge, to remind me of 2 things Ma.
1) It's fasting month and I need to eat faster and join my classmates to study in class.
2) I must not drink my water in front of them because I don't want my friends to feel thirsty seeing me drink while they can't."

I was really touched by her sense of care for her muslim friends and felt proud to hear her say that.
I did however ask her if No.2 was instructed to her by any of her teachers and she said NO. She thought about it herself, because if she were to be fasting, she'd hope others to give her some respect too.

Well done!!

Then Belle decides to tell Christan - "You can look at it everyday and remember not to eat or drink in class too till Hari Raya comes," but CJ's reply was - There are no Muslims in my kindergarten la Chachi!!! (That's true!)

Hahaha... My kids!

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