Jul 20, 2013

The Issue With "Allah"

You know the saying, "When a FOOL is corrected, he gets mad, but when a wise man is corrected he appreciates and learns"? Well, you can apply that directly in the issue faced in Malaysia over the use of the name Allah for the sole purpose of respecting language amongst the Malay speaking Catholics in Malaysia.

It just sickens me to see how Malaysia needs to shut people down when they speak the truth while fools get to go on talking crap and claim its theology and Islamic civilisation. So if the Vatican Rep, Joseph Marino's apology is not enough, for his mere opinion which is based on historic truth to be exact, what do these people want in order to stop feeling threatened? Oh yes, he needs to LEAVE THE COUNTRY right? Only then will these people feel glorious and mighty that they stood up for what they claim. (Although I must say, Marino should have done his homework before coming to Malaysia! Anyone who knows Malaysia, must know what you can and cannot say in this country. Free will, human rights, freedom of speech, etc - Excuse me it's Malaysia so WHAT IS THAT AGAIN?)

This brings back to the time when the late Pope John Paul II visited Singapore in 1986, and many Muslim Malaysians were against his coming to Malaysia, claiming we are an Islamic State and we do not have place for a Papal visit nor condone it. I remember the media highlighting the ruckus that took place at the Johor-Singapore border. I saw the news while I was in Singapore and I was only 9 years old then when I visited the Pope and honestly it is just disgusting! I still remember how I felt about Malaysia back then and honestly, my feelings have not changed after 27 years. The Pope may not have visited Malaysia, but 16 years later, Mahathir visited the Vatican and meets the Pope! Something I remember both my parents saying would happen because of the arrogance our people have in themselves, that God would make it be the other way around and it did. Whether it was God's work or the work of Allah, Mahathir's visit to the Vatican gave assurance to the world that there is still hope of PEACE and RESPECT between the two giant religions of this world.

From day one, I have been saying this and I stand by what I've said, Catholics should just drop the idea of the use of Allah for God. Get those bibles reprinted and change Allah to Tuhan! What is the big deal? We know for a fact this is a lost cause in this country. So be the bigger person. They clearly are worried that the use of this word will CONFUSE their people, so accept and respect that and let this matter rest! The muslims who know the truth about the lineage of the name Allah, fights otherwise, many Muslims feel annoyed that the government paint them as "easily influence" in other words doubting their faith. These Muslims want such claims to end, but instead of being heard, these Muslim friends of ours are being tagged as anti-Islam and claimed to be politically motivated. All this just shows how shallow minded those whose opinions are not the same as ours - the opinions based on evidence, but then again, would we be less of a CATHOLIC if we decide to end this? Would be be less of a CATHOLIC if we don't call God ALLAH? NO! Certainly not! I say choose your battles. Many are UNNECESSARY and are just the work of the devil inciting us to act as if it were the work of the HOLY SPIRIT. This is a linguistic issue and we know why they want it to be theirs.

If you hadn't noticed, our religious leaders don't block us from the influences of the world. They educate us on our options and repercussions and allow us to chose and decide through what we believe, through our faith. A simple example, when the movie Da Vincci Code came to cinemas, while some Catholics wanted it banned, what did our Bishop say? Let them watch and chose what they want to believe. If their faith is STRONG, they will not be dampened by FICTION. The movie played gloriously in the cinemas, and I recall so clearly how many non Catholics clapped and cheered on to parts of that movie, especially when the image of the supposed Apostle John was said to actually be Mary Magdalene and when that figure was connected to Jesus to claim they were an item. It's really funny to see how the crowd laughed and even clapped at that point. I was shocked to witness that sort of a reaction, but back to the point - let your faith lead you! Let not the ways of the world shaken your faith in your Saviour! Happy are those who have not seen yet believe. So we believe right? We believe in what we know, in what has been taught to us through our Catechism.  We don't get shaken by fiction or irrelevant claims. Our Bishop didn't go all 'GANGHO' over it! He left it to us because he believed the sheep will not stray from the Shepherd.

Knowing the truth and standing up for it is something MALAYSIA CAN NEVER DEAL WITH! Not only are we not allowed to fight for what is right, we have to dim our intelligence just because most leaders don't have one! While our government clearly have no sense of JUSTICE and are biased about racial and religious intolerance, where they prosecute those who insult Islam yet let those who insult other religions in the media walk freely, shows what sort of a government we have, and believe me, the world see it as clearly as we do too.

So I say, let it go!
Let us love our neighbours are we love ourselves, respect their concerns and practice what Jesus preached to us 2000 years ago.
I say "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with US!"

(Joseph Marino who came to Malaysia to see into religious matters, might as well go on a good CUTI-CUTI Malaysia and enjoy the food and the wonders of GOD in this land, because that's the only great thing Malaysia has to offer!)

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