Jul 16, 2013

The Kid and His Potato Chip Packet - My Story For Today

As I waited in front of Belle's school today, my eyes locked on 2 boys leaning on the wall fence busy yapping with each other while 1 of them had his hand sticking out of the fence holding a potato chip packet. 

Looking at him, I sensed what he was going to do - he was going to drop the trash out on the ground in front of the school and as my thought ended, he did it! He actually checked his parameters and cooly let his fingers go off the packet and walah.. he has thrown his trash. He probably thought that was the end of his story with that miserable packet but guess what? It wasn't!

My hand automatically hit my car horn (as if it had a mind of its own) so hard as the packet left his grip and the school guard walked up behind those boys, overlooking them to see who honked.

The 2 of them were looking around too and I got out of my car, walked up to the fence and asked the kid, as I pointed my finger to the packet, what was his problem in looking for a trash bin to throw his trash? 

I spoke so LOUDLY, I literally made a scene there firing him left, right and centre with all every Malay word that could come out of my mouth! Basically asking him what's the point of going to school and learning how to be a proper person and to stand right in front of his school and do such a horrible act! The two started blaming each other for the act. 

After the shouting, he with his face looking like he got a tight slap, walked out of the school with the guard, who was also grumbling at him, walked along the side of the fence and picked the trash! 

The other parents looked at me.. yes Malaysians, they are always good at standing by and watching but this crowd smiled and grinned at me too, while looking angrily at that boy.

Couldn't I just sit and let it go? Oh no! Not I! I have had just up to my neck with the way adults and kids deal with their trash in Malaysia. I can now only hope that boy remembers my face the next time he tries to fling another trash onto the ground!

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