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Of ChildrenS and Guest of HonourS

CJ : "Mama, the words that needed an "S" they never said it with an "S" but the words that didn't need an "S" they put an "S" and their grammar is so bad! THEIR ENGLISH IS SO HORRIBLE, MA!"

That's the language analysis my 6 year old son gave me after his graduation ceremony. He was mainly referring to those who spoke on the microphone from the stage - the Master of Ceremony, the Vice Executive of the organisation, and the lady in charge of calling out the names of the graduates to collect their scroll. Everything was nice except when they opened their mouth to speak in English!

My son was not the only one who bickered, I was bickering too from the start, drilling my husband about so many things that ticked my spine which incidentally ticked his as well. Dress code which Malaysians fail to comply with. It's as if every where and anywhere people think a t-shit and a pair of shorts are the perfect attire for FORMAL WEAR! Secon…

Ways to Identify a Disappointed Malaysian

This thought just came to me when I looked at a few of my friends' albums and found a similarity among each one of them. So as the title of my post clearly states.. here are the ways to identify a disappointed Malaysian via the social network platform.

If you are friends with a Malaysian on the social network platform.. and you find any one or all of the above (although the yellow and black do some in various different styles like an all yellow submarine, or a yellow flower, or spongebob squarepants, black car, black punching gloves, etc..) in their profile either as a profile picture or somewhere in their album, you will know they are the Malaysians who feel cheated, betrayed and taken for a ride a.k.a DISAPPOINTED by the politics in our country! 

A disappointed Malaysian would also subscribe to the following news networks.. so if you see them share, repost or retweet links from these sites, you can somehow know.. they are bugged by disappointments being a Malaysian. 

We are howe…

From Miley to Davuluri

Are the people on Twitter ruling the world?
Well, apparently they do but are we letting the dumb ones rule? That's my big question!

Weeks ago we heard the havoc of Twitter over Miley's performance at VMA 2013 and now that that had died off, it's Miss America 2014 - Nina Davuluri going all hot in bombardment on Twitter.
I feel rather sad to know that some Americans don't know the difference between Indians and Arabs.

Then again, we in Malaysia are no better, what do we say about people calling Indian Muslims as Malays, and Indian Christians as Eurasians? I give up honestly! It's as if, if you are not Hindu and Indian you are not Indian at all. REALLY? Get your race and religion classifications right la people...please (or be like our PM and call yourselves 1Malaysia but treat everyone according to their race first).

Indians, Arab, well in reality many out there don't even know where Malaysia is or even exist. I have met many who knew Thailand, Penang and Singapo…

Are We Really Fighting For God?

The past few days have had me thinking even more about how irresponsible our leaders are becoming especially since the announcement by JAKIM over what words that can and cannot be uttered or written by a non-muslim ( and then the prediction of public disorder if the court permits the Catholic church to use "Allah" for God in the Al-Kitab (

This morning after flipping through the many irrational articles, I stumbled upon this NEIGHBOURS-IN-SPIRIT and I felt happy to know that somewhere out there in Malaysia, we still have wonderful scenarios of inter-religious respect and harmony.

We Malaysians were a society who CO-EXISTED well before and I believe we still do in many ways and many places but is this a vision and aspiration of only the or…

The Modern Day Memorial

This might come as a joke to many but honestly, as I thought about it, I did giggle to myself too. The reality of the Internet era is such that, these days we almost only live on the net. What many in the previous Millennium jokingly predicted has in fact become a reality.

Social Media has allowed many of us to represent and reflect who we are and what we are all about through our activities online. Many share their joyous moments through the pictures they post. We express our emotions through the emoticons and stickers (Oh I love those minion stickers on FB now) after a mini blogging, we scream our hearts and do therapy by posting inspirational quotes, we attack our haters and enemies via social media, we fight for change online, we tell the government what drives us mad by commenting on news posts (they even have a term for such people - KEYBOARD WARRIORS), make announcements of births and birthdays, house warming and holiday getaways, marriages and even death on the social media be…

The Debate on RON 95

My husband woke up today announcing to me the hottest headlines in Malaysia - RON 95 increased by 20cents per litre, and my reply to him was "YUP SO I'VE READ! It's plastered everywhere on the social media!

Because he was out last night with his buddies, he told me the petrol stations were hogged and everyone was trying to get their last full tank at the old price (nothing new as well). I of course just laughed and shook my head and he asked me why.

Let's do some Math shall we?
A full tank = RM80 and with 1.90 you get 42litres of Ron 95
Now at 2.10/l you will get 38litres of Ron95 for RM80
Short by 4 litres (RM7.60 of the old price)

Now let's consider the time one would have spent at that station last night in that hogging queue?
Now let's consider also the fact that you've saved 7.60 and would go down the street later and indulge in a RM14 Latte at Starbucks or a packet of cigarette or something absolutely unnecessary and could do without. Does it seem so…

What A Waste!

I don't know if it's just me or what but I get so mad when I see the hosts of cooking shows throw away so much raw material just to make a dish. Giada of 'Giada at Home' is one of them. To make a salad, she practically discarded 3/4 of the outer lettuce so as to use only the inner part because (listen to this) that's what she likes the most. 

That's what she likes the most?

I wonder what she would do if her life took a 180 degree turn and to get just that outer leaf of a salad would be a miracle (as is the case of so many around the world). 
It's just disgusting to see someone brag over class, poise and liking while completely disregarding their wasteful actions. (Her salad dish by the way is just one of the items that ticked me off, she does this wasteful thing almost always if you watch her show) 

Don't worry, I know how everything is sponsored and everything is for the TV purpose but think about it, wasting raw material and cooked food is not som…