Sep 23, 2013

Of ChildrenS and Guest of HonourS

CJ : "Mama, the words that needed an "S" they never said it with an "S" but the words that didn't need an "S" they put an "S" and their grammar is so bad! THEIR ENGLISH IS SO HORRIBLE, MA!"

That's the language analysis my 6 year old son gave me after his graduation ceremony. He was mainly referring to those who spoke on the microphone from the stage - the Master of Ceremony, the Vice Executive of the organisation, and the lady in charge of calling out the names of the graduates to collect their scroll. Everything was nice except when they opened their mouth to speak in English!

My son was not the only one who bickered, I was bickering too from the start, drilling my husband about so many things that ticked my spine which incidentally ticked his as well. Dress code which Malaysians fail to comply with. It's as if every where and anywhere people think a t-shit and a pair of shorts are the perfect attire for FORMAL WEAR! Secondly how in an auditorium of almost a thousand parents, 2/4 of them had their heads down looking at their devices, the 3rd 1/4 was taking snap shots of themselves and the last was waiting patiently for the graduates to come in but when the graduates came into the auditorium, automatically every one in the first 10 rows STOOD UP, no not to welcome the grads but for photograph on their PADS, TABS.. you name it, they used it! These people couldn't care less about those seated at the back. So my husband and I watched the grads enter through their devices. Seriously, those who stood outside the auditorium had a better view from the projector TV!

The stab to all gloriousness was of course the COMMAND OF ENGLISH the organisers had! It was horrendous. They have no clue how ridiculous they sounded and so many of us parents, of all races kept correcting their grammar under our breath from where we were seated. To think they are an education body that no doubt has a excellent curriculum and teaching devices offered at their centres, it saddens me to see how poor their own command in the language was. They literally translated Mandarin to English and finished the event. Non of them had to give an impromptu speech. They all had every script in their hand yet their sounded like ducks quacking English. Who says CHILDREN as CHILDRENS, and "we welcome guest of honours enter hall now" or "Give speech now is CEO XXX Group"

OH MY GOOD LORD!!!!!! Don't they care how they sound?

They publish their names on the graduation booklet with their qualification next to it: MBA (MMU), MSc (MMU). It's such a disgrace to the institution and the Masters they hold when, when they open their mouth, you don't see any trace of qualification in them! I'm very disappointed. Seriously disappointed!

The best was of course seeing the grads receive their scrolls. In fact everything was professional but all professionalism flew out of the auditorium when they opened their mouth to speak.

Sep 18, 2013

Ways to Identify a Disappointed Malaysian

This thought just came to me when I looked at a few of my friends' albums and found a similarity among each one of them. So as the title of my post clearly states.. here are the ways to identify a disappointed Malaysian via the social network platform.

Thanks to the 20 cents hike on Petrol

Thanks to the Blackout magic during GE13 and to go in the state of mourning

Requesting a clean up or 'Bersih' in the electoral list

If you are friends with a Malaysian on the social network platform.. and you find any one or all of the above (although the yellow and black do some in various different styles like an all yellow submarine, or a yellow flower, or spongebob squarepants, black car, black punching gloves, etc..) in their profile either as a profile picture or somewhere in their album, you will know they are the Malaysians who feel cheated, betrayed and taken for a ride a.k.a DISAPPOINTED by the politics in our country! 

A disappointed Malaysian would also subscribe to the following news networks.. so if you see them share, repost or retweet links from these sites, you can somehow know.. they are bugged by disappointments being a Malaysian. 

We are however, united also in our disappointments. 

Sep 17, 2013

From Miley to Davuluri

Are the people on Twitter ruling the world?
Well, apparently they do but are we letting the dumb ones rule? That's my big question!

Weeks ago we heard the havoc of Twitter over Miley's performance at VMA 2013 and now that that had died off, it's Miss America 2014 - Nina Davuluri going all hot in bombardment on Twitter.
I feel rather sad to know that some Americans don't know the difference between Indians and Arabs.

Then again, we in Malaysia are no better, what do we say about people calling Indian Muslims as Malays, and Indian Christians as Eurasians? I give up honestly! It's as if, if you are not Hindu and Indian you are not Indian at all. REALLY? Get your race and religion classifications right la people...please (or be like our PM and call yourselves 1Malaysia but treat everyone according to their race first).

Indians, Arab, well in reality many out there don't even know where Malaysia is or even exist. I have met many who knew Thailand, Penang and Singapore but Malaysia? As if Penang was an Independent Republic or something. Anyway... Some of the Tweets were rather idiotic and only showed the shallowness and level of intelligence these people had. I mean, if you want to be a BIGOT, be an INTELLIGENT one at least right?!Who goes around calling an American with Indian descent an Arab and attacks her based on her skin colour, assuming she was muslim? Even if she was, what's wrong? What has she got to do with 9-11? Being a muslim, doesn't mean the person is involved with those terrorist, just like being a Catholic doesn't mean all Catholic men are pedophiles because there were Catholic Priest caught in the US of A for that!

What puzzles me is that they haven't really come out of their cocoon to what the world is evolving into especially what America is supposed to be all about - the land of possibilities and opportunities (I wonder who came up with that actually).

However, who's to say these tweets were not works of frauds, made up only to hype and create attention subsequently raising viewer statistics. Seems to me anything is possible these days and many would do anything just for some publicity like Miley.

Bottom line, who cares what these low IQ, cocooned twitters have to say? The fact that they got the basic facts about Nina WRONG, shows what a waste of time their opinions(Tweets) are so why bother? They too are seeking attention at the end of the day to have their tweet picked up by Huffpost or E! and even CNN, over their disappointment. Someone ought to tell these tweeters to use their smart phones and do a little research before blabbering crap!

P.S. I'm not going to post those tweets on my post.. they don't deserve anymore attention, so here's a gorgeous well deserved picture of the newly crowned Miss America in her Banana Yellow Gown and Crown! Well done and Congratulations Nina Davuluri. It would certainly be fun to see you stand next to other Indian girls from different countries for Miss Universe / Miss World Competition (for those who don't know where else Indians might be.. please utilise GOOGLE  or just open your WORLD MAP or your globe and point somewhere.. anywhere.. 360 degress around earth.. the possibilities are endless!!!).

Sep 8, 2013

Are We Really Fighting For God?

The past few days have had me thinking even more about how irresponsible our leaders are becoming especially since the announcement by JAKIM over what words that can and cannot be uttered or written by a non-muslim ( and then the prediction of public disorder if the court permits the Catholic church to use "Allah" for God in the Al-Kitab (

This morning after flipping through the many irrational articles, I stumbled upon this NEIGHBOURS-IN-SPIRIT and I felt happy to know that somewhere out there in Malaysia, we still have wonderful scenarios of inter-religious respect and harmony.

We Malaysians were a society who CO-EXISTED well before and I believe we still do in many ways and many places but is this a vision and aspiration of only the ordinary citizens? I fail to see it practiced in those who actually have the power to make a positive change - LEADERS both CIVIL and RELIGIOUS. Why is that?

Is our faith the size of a mustard seed that we cannot handle co-existing with other fellow humans of other religion? Are we so easily swayed from our believes that we need to ill-treat others just because they don't practice what we do? How then do we say we PRAISE GOD but fail on every ground to treat GOD's own creation - YOU AND ME and the rest of the HUMAN RACE with some dignified love and respect? Who are we to KILL, DESTROY and CONDEMN what God had made?

Are we really fighting for GOD? GOD is so powerful, if he wished he could wipe us out in a fraction of a second but instead he tells us to LOVE, why? Because LOVE is the TRUE reflection of HIMSELF.

Are we really battling for his GLORY? He didn't come down to earth and tell you and me who has the right to call him what and who doesn't, did He?

Why do we allow such trivial things to come in between us and have it ostracise HIS own creation?
We follow what is written in our religious books. How we interpret the words of GOD is very important but more importantly WHY you interpret the holy word is what makes us do the things we do. Wanting to kill and destroy, or insult and humiliate is what you get when words of love is interpreted in the context of self-glorification and greed.

So back to the question, are we really fighting for the all powerful all mighty GOD? The God who has the power to wipe you out when he thinks you have done enough damage in HIS NAME?
The God who would probably be wondering what is wrong with this creation of His, where they fight against each other for mere language, relics and yes MATERIAL THINGS when HE, GOD is spiritual and beyond this world!

We fight each other in the name of GOD to conquer what? Let me see, so far looking back in history, we fought in his name to CREATE EMPIRES, STEAL NATURAL RESOURCES, STEAL LAND, DESTROY HOMES etc etc.. yeah.. they are so spiritual aren't they? We fight each other for where we can build our house of worship and fail to see that the house in within our hearts!

We find people fighting each other in HIS name because we want something for ourself and we glorify it thinking it's for HIM, looks more like it's for SATAN instead and I'm sure Satan's having a good laugh.

I would rather DIE for GOD in trying to make everyone live and love each other instead of KILLING in GOD's NAME and say I did HIM justice because if you cannot co-exist, you have failed in doing the first most important thing in religion - love your fellow human race: the creation of GOD itself and the second which is: DO NO BAD!

We see wars happening and we ask why GOD is doing this to us, why can't God stop this? Hey! STOP and look at what is going on, we fight in His name against good people when He never asked us to! We fight in His name because some so called LEADER decided to interpret the HOLY WORDS with the wrong intentions, and say we are doing it for Him while completely destroying the fundamental teachings of that religion.

We have leaders who use his name and treat others so horribly making chaos for everyone and then like fools people who fail to think, act upon HUMAN irrationality and call it HOLY BATTLE! To me fighting with one religion over another is not called Holy Battle; it is called Horrific Insanity!

Did God ask us to do this? God asked us to fight against our sins and evil. How does another human who is praying for peace and happiness seen as evil that we need to battle them? How does restricting someone from using his language to praise God or as a interpersonal communication seen as a cry for HOLY STRUGGLE?

Didn't we create our own demons by our own selfishness only to end up messing up what beauty God has actually handed over to us? The Peace he wishes for us? It doesn't have to come in the cost of destroying, insulting, belittling and condemning his creation. Let God judge us when we stand in front of him over how well we chose to live in HIS NAME through our ways of respecting his creation which is other words respecting Him. If one fears of loosing a soul to another religion, you should use love and kindness to lure them back. Then again, you ruin the body but you can never ruin the soul of a believer!

Tolerance is very important, and when we cannot tolerate each other's differences, we do what actually the DEVIL expects us to do and that makes PRAISING GOD pure HYPOCRISY.

Now this is something I found in the news today, something may be the Malaysian News should highlight in their papers!  How we all can ring our praises in our own unique believes and teachings and ask God to help put some sense in the heads of irresponsible leaders and people who think they are doing justice to Him. Let's use our RELIGION to FIGHT the DEVIL who disguises himself as God, instead of against each other who truly want peace and justice for all mankind.

Christians and Muslims pray together during Francis’ “miraculous” peace vigil

So instead of making rules banning people from uttering words only rightful to a particular religion, think about the consequences of both sounding dumb and disrupting peace and unity through souring neighbourly love and respect! Sometimes I feel they've forgotten they live in a muti-racial and muti-religious country or is it only for advertising so that they can make money through tourism but in reality we are all being WHOLLY WRANGLED through a pretentious HOLY STRUGGLE!

No Religion teaches us BAD so let's live it like that!

Sep 5, 2013

The Modern Day Memorial

This might come as a joke to many but honestly, as I thought about it, I did giggle to myself too. The reality of the Internet era is such that, these days we almost only live on the net. What many in the previous Millennium jokingly predicted has in fact become a reality.

Social Media has allowed many of us to represent and reflect who we are and what we are all about through our activities online. Many share their joyous moments through the pictures they post. We express our emotions through the emoticons and stickers (Oh I love those minion stickers on FB now) after a mini blogging, we scream our hearts and do therapy by posting inspirational quotes, we attack our haters and enemies via social media, we fight for change online, we tell the government what drives us mad by commenting on news posts (they even have a term for such people - KEYBOARD WARRIORS), make announcements of births and birthdays, house warming and holiday getaways, marriages and even death on the social media because it reaches faster, everyone whom you have as friends (whom matters to you) sees it and it's free.

My point here is not to condemn but to invite everyone who doesn't have a social media account to go and get one and post some pictures of yourself and say some nice stuff that can make others think, laugh or cry with you.

Want to know why?

So far I have had a handful of people I know including my brother Richard of course, who passed away and were once on Facebook. The fact that their accounts are still open for visits by their friends, allows us to go back to their page or wall and remember them especially since they are no longer around. You get to make that trip by a click on your mouse, to see them in their pictures, re-read their words and relive a moment you once had with them. Of course your mind is all the memory you need, but our minds can often fail to boot when it's required. Try and imagine also of how wonderful it would be to gather with everyone else once again on that person's anniversary and share your feelings for him or her with the rest of his or her friends?

Sounds lame but it isn't so lame if you actually tried it.
You'd be glad you could go back in time and see their pictures especially if the person wasn't someone you had the chance to have pictures taken with at good occasions or have theirs in your dusty old albums.

So with that in mind.. I've decided to entrust my passwords to my children so that when my day comes, they can let me live on through the memories of my friends and associates by keeping my social media accounts accessible to them, to contact or remind whom so ever, that my death anniversary is nearing - remind others to go light a candle and pray for me, or offer a mass for my soul, or simply think of the good memories they've had with me in their life or the bad (God knows!) but simply to be close to me without having to make a trip to my grave or columbarium and this way it will let anyone from any part of the world still pay a memorial visit to me. We could convert our social media account into an e-tombstone! Think about it (no I've not gone nuts but you can have a good laugh to the logic I just gave you alright.. I on the other hand shall stop giggling now to start counting sheep)!

Sep 3, 2013

The Debate on RON 95

My husband woke up today announcing to me the hottest headlines in Malaysia - RON 95 increased by 20cents per litre, and my reply to him was "YUP SO I'VE READ! It's plastered everywhere on the social media!


Because he was out last night with his buddies, he told me the petrol stations were hogged and everyone was trying to get their last full tank at the old price (nothing new as well). I of course just laughed and shook my head and he asked me why.

Let's do some Math shall we?
A full tank = RM80 and with 1.90 you get 42litres of Ron 95
Now at 2.10/l you will get 38litres of Ron95 for RM80
Short by 4 litres (RM7.60 of the old price)

Now let's consider the time one would have spent at that station last night in that hogging queue?
Now let's consider also the fact that you've saved 7.60 and would go down the street later and indulge in a RM14 Latte at Starbucks or a packet of cigarette or something absolutely unnecessary and could do without. Does it seem so much that you needed to act upon filling up so desperately on fuel at an old price now?

(I did ask him however, if he decided to fuel up too, he of course said, he rather get home and sleep than wait like a dungu in the station for a mere 7.60 - so he did his maths too.. hahaha)

Oh well, yes,  I know some of us have like 10 cars/house (we all know how that feels especially when none of those 10 are parked inside their own house but out at the side walks of their neighbours' homes) but I read somewhere in Star Newspapers years ago, on how we have this nature to stock up like a bear going into hibernation when we know what we are stocking up on is something that will eventually be used up and ironically we would have spent else where a bigger amount that's not even closely significant to what we supposedly saved from somewhere else.

It is important to be a smart consumer which includes looking out for sales and best buys and getting your stocks for your household items smartly, but wouldn't it be a wasted effort of savings if you used it to go spend on something that's going to come out in you pee-u later? I guess that's what we call PRIORITY.

I often ask my kids, when they ask me to buy water and I know they can handle a walk back to the car to consume it from their water bottles or a drive back to the house to consume it from the fridge because they aren't going to die in dehydration or choking on their food - tell me why should I pay 2.00 for a bottled water when my monthly water bill is only RM13? I make them do the math to just know, it is in this little stuff that we often end up spending an absolute bomb when we add it all up by the end of the month. Now they themselves will say, I'm thirsty but I can wait till I get home because I don't need to waste my cash on something that isn't an emergency.

Back to RON95...
No! I'm not happy that the fuel price have gone up by 20cents (that's my 'Malaysian' showing) because now everything else is going to rise and that sucks more than not making it to the petrol station to fill up my tank. What on earth is he our Obama of South East Asia, the modern day Robin Hood - Najib, thinking by coming up with his Fiscal Effect theory and more hand outs? Hand outs? Why the hell did he start giving handouts in the first place? His 'broad day light bribery' that now we the RAKYAT need to pay for? Higher income vs lower income and foreigners are all benefitting from the subsidy so now rip us up apart? I thought foreigners paid a different price? Or did I hear that wrongly? Or is it only talk but never practiced?

The rich and poor still lives very differently with effects of what the petrol price does on us. He talks as if he thinks about the poor but has he asked himself how much more would the poor people have to pay for a piece of roti canai for instance,  thanks to his 20cents increase? Or is someone from his office going to tell the poor, like Jamie Oliver would say - get off your backsides and learn to make food with your bare hands! to the poor??? to accommodate his supposedly logic thinking?

If he thinks his handouts can help make up what he is taking then stop calling it an incentive of Barisan National because not all of us voted for BN to take our money and give away as you wish! The man who couldn't give us an explanation to why he had spent that MUCH money as PM on his International trips goes ahead and without decency drops a bomb on all of us once again. My first bomb  (as a parent la, cause if I were to talk about the bombs BN has put on me as a Malaysian, it would start from my first experience of racial injustice after SPM!) was the taking away of PPSMI, second was making Maths and Science into BM a year earlier than what was announced (2011 instead of 2012 because Belle my girl was supposed to have had the chance to do it in English) and what else man? This bapa blackout seems to be making magic that pisses us without fail since GE13!

Yes.. I debated too with my husband that may be now more people will start using the public transport more and we will see lesser traffics around the city centre but as much as that would be a wishful thinking, our cost of living is going to go up another step if not more and in the end what ever BR1M, BROM and BRAM Najib wants to give out as his idiotic handouts should just come out of his damn pocket and probably that can happen if we all decide to say we can't afford to pay anymore taxes! All gone to trying to live and getting to work because food, housing and now petrol is unaffordable for us many. To say we are a oil producing nation? What a joke ha?! Looks like we got to get back on our cycles, fish and plant crops and go back to basics so we can feed him and his wife to more Jewish diamond jewellery from New York city!

Sep 2, 2013

What A Waste!

I don't know if it's just me or what but I get so mad when I see the hosts of cooking shows throw away so much raw material just to make a dish. Giada of 'Giada at Home' is one of them. To make a salad, she practically discarded 3/4 of the outer lettuce so as to use only the inner part because (listen to this) that's what she likes the most. 


That's what she likes the most?

I wonder what she would do if her life took a 180 degree turn and to get just that outer leaf of a salad would be a miracle (as is the case of so many around the world). 

It's just disgusting to see someone brag over class, poise and liking while completely disregarding their wasteful actions. (Her salad dish by the way is just one of the items that ticked me off, she does this wasteful thing almost always if you watch her show) 

Don't worry, I know how everything is sponsored and everything is for the TV purpose but think about it, wasting raw material and cooked food is not something rare to the real world - tons are thrown away and discarded from hotels, restaurants and yes, TV shows! All that food could actually feed an entire continent, don't you think?

The next time you watch a cooking show, pay attention to the attitude of the cook/host. Watch just how much some of them waste while some make use of ever inch of material they have to make a dish or several different dishes with the outer inner upper or lower part of a cabbage for instance as Hugh of 'The River Cottage' show would. 

TV viewers most time would do exactly what they see on TV and if the host throws away 3/4 and uses only the central part of a lettuce for example, believe me, those at home would probably do the same. Teaching how to waste is not a good show if you asked me and watching Giada at Home yesterday with my husband got us asking each other, "WAH! WHAT A WASTE MAN!!!!" almost every other time she made a culinary step. 

I'm thinking, could it be the Asian thing in most of us I know in Malaysia, who are particular about not wasting raw items because we are constantly in contact with those who are less fortunate and we feel mortified to waste what we have, simply because we feel guilty that one day not respecting the blessing given to us is going to come back and bite us in our ass or because we grew up being taught to respect our food since we all at one time or another have experienced life with so little of it or heard so much of it through the stories of our parents and grandparents about their life during the pre and post-war era? It just occurred to me, how much of these stories do we actually pass down to our kids so as to mould them to be watchful over their actions to food wastage or gluttony for that matter? Then again, why waste? It's like literally throwing your cash into the waste bin isn't it? Buy to throw? Come on!

I believe most of us grew up watching our mothers cook with such care and watchfulness right? 
I remember something many don't do these days, like cracking an egg and using your finger to wipe clean the white egg from the shell or using your knife to scrape the carrot instead of the peeler and using your knife to rub off the excess skin of an onion instead of throwing away the other layer or 3 outer layers like what Rachel Ray does in her '30 minutes meals' show.

Whether a TV show or in our own kitchen, we ought to think again before we throw away that 5 layers of good to eat lettuce or the 1/4 of capsicum we didn't think would sit flat enough to make thin strips for a bowl of salad as Giada did.

The choices we make today might either bless us or haunt us tomorrow and that includes also what goes into our trash bin!

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