Sep 3, 2013

The Debate on RON 95

My husband woke up today announcing to me the hottest headlines in Malaysia - RON 95 increased by 20cents per litre, and my reply to him was "YUP SO I'VE READ! It's plastered everywhere on the social media!


Because he was out last night with his buddies, he told me the petrol stations were hogged and everyone was trying to get their last full tank at the old price (nothing new as well). I of course just laughed and shook my head and he asked me why.

Let's do some Math shall we?
A full tank = RM80 and with 1.90 you get 42litres of Ron 95
Now at 2.10/l you will get 38litres of Ron95 for RM80
Short by 4 litres (RM7.60 of the old price)

Now let's consider the time one would have spent at that station last night in that hogging queue?
Now let's consider also the fact that you've saved 7.60 and would go down the street later and indulge in a RM14 Latte at Starbucks or a packet of cigarette or something absolutely unnecessary and could do without. Does it seem so much that you needed to act upon filling up so desperately on fuel at an old price now?

(I did ask him however, if he decided to fuel up too, he of course said, he rather get home and sleep than wait like a dungu in the station for a mere 7.60 - so he did his maths too.. hahaha)

Oh well, yes,  I know some of us have like 10 cars/house (we all know how that feels especially when none of those 10 are parked inside their own house but out at the side walks of their neighbours' homes) but I read somewhere in Star Newspapers years ago, on how we have this nature to stock up like a bear going into hibernation when we know what we are stocking up on is something that will eventually be used up and ironically we would have spent else where a bigger amount that's not even closely significant to what we supposedly saved from somewhere else.

It is important to be a smart consumer which includes looking out for sales and best buys and getting your stocks for your household items smartly, but wouldn't it be a wasted effort of savings if you used it to go spend on something that's going to come out in you pee-u later? I guess that's what we call PRIORITY.

I often ask my kids, when they ask me to buy water and I know they can handle a walk back to the car to consume it from their water bottles or a drive back to the house to consume it from the fridge because they aren't going to die in dehydration or choking on their food - tell me why should I pay 2.00 for a bottled water when my monthly water bill is only RM13? I make them do the math to just know, it is in this little stuff that we often end up spending an absolute bomb when we add it all up by the end of the month. Now they themselves will say, I'm thirsty but I can wait till I get home because I don't need to waste my cash on something that isn't an emergency.

Back to RON95...
No! I'm not happy that the fuel price have gone up by 20cents (that's my 'Malaysian' showing) because now everything else is going to rise and that sucks more than not making it to the petrol station to fill up my tank. What on earth is he our Obama of South East Asia, the modern day Robin Hood - Najib, thinking by coming up with his Fiscal Effect theory and more hand outs? Hand outs? Why the hell did he start giving handouts in the first place? His 'broad day light bribery' that now we the RAKYAT need to pay for? Higher income vs lower income and foreigners are all benefitting from the subsidy so now rip us up apart? I thought foreigners paid a different price? Or did I hear that wrongly? Or is it only talk but never practiced?

The rich and poor still lives very differently with effects of what the petrol price does on us. He talks as if he thinks about the poor but has he asked himself how much more would the poor people have to pay for a piece of roti canai for instance,  thanks to his 20cents increase? Or is someone from his office going to tell the poor, like Jamie Oliver would say - get off your backsides and learn to make food with your bare hands! to the poor??? to accommodate his supposedly logic thinking?

If he thinks his handouts can help make up what he is taking then stop calling it an incentive of Barisan National because not all of us voted for BN to take our money and give away as you wish! The man who couldn't give us an explanation to why he had spent that MUCH money as PM on his International trips goes ahead and without decency drops a bomb on all of us once again. My first bomb  (as a parent la, cause if I were to talk about the bombs BN has put on me as a Malaysian, it would start from my first experience of racial injustice after SPM!) was the taking away of PPSMI, second was making Maths and Science into BM a year earlier than what was announced (2011 instead of 2012 because Belle my girl was supposed to have had the chance to do it in English) and what else man? This bapa blackout seems to be making magic that pisses us without fail since GE13!

Yes.. I debated too with my husband that may be now more people will start using the public transport more and we will see lesser traffics around the city centre but as much as that would be a wishful thinking, our cost of living is going to go up another step if not more and in the end what ever BR1M, BROM and BRAM Najib wants to give out as his idiotic handouts should just come out of his damn pocket and probably that can happen if we all decide to say we can't afford to pay anymore taxes! All gone to trying to live and getting to work because food, housing and now petrol is unaffordable for us many. To say we are a oil producing nation? What a joke ha?! Looks like we got to get back on our cycles, fish and plant crops and go back to basics so we can feed him and his wife to more Jewish diamond jewellery from New York city!

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