Sep 5, 2013

The Modern Day Memorial

This might come as a joke to many but honestly, as I thought about it, I did giggle to myself too. The reality of the Internet era is such that, these days we almost only live on the net. What many in the previous Millennium jokingly predicted has in fact become a reality.

Social Media has allowed many of us to represent and reflect who we are and what we are all about through our activities online. Many share their joyous moments through the pictures they post. We express our emotions through the emoticons and stickers (Oh I love those minion stickers on FB now) after a mini blogging, we scream our hearts and do therapy by posting inspirational quotes, we attack our haters and enemies via social media, we fight for change online, we tell the government what drives us mad by commenting on news posts (they even have a term for such people - KEYBOARD WARRIORS), make announcements of births and birthdays, house warming and holiday getaways, marriages and even death on the social media because it reaches faster, everyone whom you have as friends (whom matters to you) sees it and it's free.

My point here is not to condemn but to invite everyone who doesn't have a social media account to go and get one and post some pictures of yourself and say some nice stuff that can make others think, laugh or cry with you.

Want to know why?

So far I have had a handful of people I know including my brother Richard of course, who passed away and were once on Facebook. The fact that their accounts are still open for visits by their friends, allows us to go back to their page or wall and remember them especially since they are no longer around. You get to make that trip by a click on your mouse, to see them in their pictures, re-read their words and relive a moment you once had with them. Of course your mind is all the memory you need, but our minds can often fail to boot when it's required. Try and imagine also of how wonderful it would be to gather with everyone else once again on that person's anniversary and share your feelings for him or her with the rest of his or her friends?

Sounds lame but it isn't so lame if you actually tried it.
You'd be glad you could go back in time and see their pictures especially if the person wasn't someone you had the chance to have pictures taken with at good occasions or have theirs in your dusty old albums.

So with that in mind.. I've decided to entrust my passwords to my children so that when my day comes, they can let me live on through the memories of my friends and associates by keeping my social media accounts accessible to them, to contact or remind whom so ever, that my death anniversary is nearing - remind others to go light a candle and pray for me, or offer a mass for my soul, or simply think of the good memories they've had with me in their life or the bad (God knows!) but simply to be close to me without having to make a trip to my grave or columbarium and this way it will let anyone from any part of the world still pay a memorial visit to me. We could convert our social media account into an e-tombstone! Think about it (no I've not gone nuts but you can have a good laugh to the logic I just gave you alright.. I on the other hand shall stop giggling now to start counting sheep)!

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