Sep 18, 2013

Ways to Identify a Disappointed Malaysian

This thought just came to me when I looked at a few of my friends' albums and found a similarity among each one of them. So as the title of my post clearly states.. here are the ways to identify a disappointed Malaysian via the social network platform.

Thanks to the 20 cents hike on Petrol

Thanks to the Blackout magic during GE13 and to go in the state of mourning

Requesting a clean up or 'Bersih' in the electoral list

If you are friends with a Malaysian on the social network platform.. and you find any one or all of the above (although the yellow and black do some in various different styles like an all yellow submarine, or a yellow flower, or spongebob squarepants, black car, black punching gloves, etc..) in their profile either as a profile picture or somewhere in their album, you will know they are the Malaysians who feel cheated, betrayed and taken for a ride a.k.a DISAPPOINTED by the politics in our country! 

A disappointed Malaysian would also subscribe to the following news networks.. so if you see them share, repost or retweet links from these sites, you can somehow know.. they are bugged by disappointments being a Malaysian. 

We are however, united also in our disappointments. 

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