Dec 4, 2013


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Every parent and citizen has a responsibility towards making sure their children and their children's children gain the best quality in education without any forms of inequality.
ELITE? NON-ELITE? Who's to say what your child is and is not? 
Who's to say where your child should go and should not?

One education for all with no double standards. If IGCSE and IB syllabus can be given to MRSMs why not every national school?
the OPTION for the teaching and learning of Maths and Science in English (PPSMI). Is 2 subjects that governs the world economy going to make you lose your identity learning it in English? 
Wouldn't you have your children taught in English with the necessary terms at primary level itself instead of seeing them suffer when they step into tertiary education or upon graduating only to end up being an unemployable grad because our Government fail to equip them with what is IMPORTANT?

If all these are important to you.. spread the word around and join hands as ASPIRES take it peacefully to the media about our concerns and how we the voices of Malaysia are being ignored for the greater glory of our political parties! 
We are non-partisan and we want to be heard for the sake of our children and our country!

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