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PG Recommended

Only recently since my children started watching Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon's noon shows which are meant for older children, did I notice each show now comes with a TV parental guide. I decided to look at the list of cartoons and their rating from those 2 channels and surprisingly, only less than quarter of Cartoon Network’s shows are actually meant for general viewing, some even comes as TV-PG-D which means its dialogue has sexual connotations. 
It’s good that cartoon network has a parental control guide and I wonder how strictly parents follow them. In fact many times, although cooking in the kitchen, I have heard on Disney Junior and Disney Channel, characters addressing each other as “LOSERS” and throwing word like “DAMN”, etc.
I know in the end we can’t bubble wrap our child, I mean, we grew up with TOM and JERRY, and ROAD RUNNER as our cartoons. Look how well we turned out? Well, I can only speak for myself and my friends but I must say we never went running behind any…

The Book Bucket Challenge - are you up for it?

The famous Ice Bucket Challenge brought about the Rice Bowl Challenge and as you see, the Book Bucket Challenge too. Listing 10 books and nominating your friends to do the same but for what purpose, is the big question.

The story behind the Book Bucket Challenge is clearly written in The Business Insider of India’s article - being a charity drive to increase literacy rate and donation of books to villages by setting up one village, one library concepts initiated in Kerala, India, the land with 93.91% literacy rate (2011 census).

Anyway, over on the social media platform, we see this challenge going around and the question that comes to my mind is, what am I going to do with the 10 books I’ve listed? Donate them to the town library? The my club library? Display it on my soon to set-up library? Honestly, I’m very attached to my books, physically, mentally and emotionally. I want these books to be read by my kids and their friends if they are interested so what can I do in form of char…

Game Of Thrones Theme Song

Don’t ask me why this a post on my blog - I’m a HUGE FAN of everything G.O.T, that’s why!

Pool Toys vs Beach Toys

If you took a minute to google these two items
 Beach toys Pool toys and look at the images that appear in your search results, you’d know the distinct differences between these two sets of toys, which are:
 their texture  their edges their purpose The reason I decided to write this post today is because I am deeply annoyed with parents and guardians who think it’s absolutely alright to place their toddlers in a kid’s pool (not private) and along with that child, dump a bag full of BEACH TOYS, which ultimately would float away and cover the entire pool of kids.

Beach toys are called BEACH TOYS for obvious reasons - they are meant to be used on the beach!!!!! The beach is where there is sand for raking and shovelling - activities which require edges to craft and shape. Do you think a rake is appropriate in a pool where kids are jumping and mini diving into water which is supposed to be clear of sharp and pointy objects? NO, it’s not the place for it. 

Responsible parents and guardians woul…

Happy Teacher’s Day!!

There are all types of TEACHERS around us both in specialisation and calibre. Whether you teach in the ministry or in a home, you deserve to know that your role is significantly important to the one you teach, so do what you do with pride and dignity as you hold the mould of the future generation. HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY!!

P.S. Snape was my favourite fictitious teacher! Thank you JK Rowling.

Rest In Peace Karpal Singh - The Tiger of Jelutong.

Most of us grew up hearing his name uttered by our parents as they read the daily papers. We grew up knowing him as a man with guts - a man who feared no one and who's mouth questioned what no others dared. Titled a trouble maker by those who were threatened by his boldness but for those who loved him, we are grateful for how he rocked the boat for us. Malaysia has lost a political giant and will forever be grateful for his advocacy and fight for the better half of this nation! May his soul rest in peace. You were a TRUE MALAYSIAN!

THE DEBATE: The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Cannot Rock The Board Room

I watched this debate live on BBC, last month, yes amidst the running headlines of the missing MH370 and I must say Allison Pearson, the author of I Don't Know How She Does It, which became a hit movie in 2011 acted by my favourite Sarah Jessica Parker, hits the nail with her argument for the motion saying that it is not possible to be a committed mother and excel in the boardroom as the demands of motherhood makes it impossible to accommodate both worlds.

Aside from agreeing with her, I enjoyed her presentation and watching the reaction on my husband's face every time she hits the hammer on what a husband selfishly expected out of their wife was absolutely amusing.

Most boardroom women are successful because of the support they have behind them. Parents, relatives or/and house-maids play a huge role in their children's life and without this, it's close to impossible to achieve it all. The minute you have to pay attention to your career, you pay the price of losing so…

International Women's Day 2014

Been ages since I posted anything on my blog and it only seems appropriate that I officiate my 2014's blog postings on a day as auspicious as today - International Women's Day.

Seriously it is no JOKE being a woman!

The amount of weight that is carried upon our shoulders, the amount of struggles we face be it momentarily or a lifetime is by far unimaginable and every one of us have our own unique story to tell or kept hidden away, that makes us all a hero of our own book!

Couple of days ago, I wrote on my FB that "When we take life as a VOCATION and not a perpetual VACATION, we'll discover the meaning and purpose of our existence."  I wrote this in close reflection of my own life.

Have you sat a moment and thought about what your purpose is or are in this world? Is it to raise the next President of the United States or is it to die giving away your entire savings to an NGO because you found no sibling or family or friend worthy enough to be your beneficiary? (Tru…