Jun 17, 2014

Game Of Thrones Theme Song

Don’t ask me why this a post on my blog - I’m a HUGE FAN of everything G.O.T, that’s why!

Jun 16, 2014

Pool Toys vs Beach Toys

If you took a minute to google these two items
  1.  Beach toys
  2.  Pool toys
and look at the images that appear in your search results, you’d know the distinct differences between these two sets of toys, which are:
  1.  their texture 
  2.  their edges
  3.  their purpose
The reason I decided to write this post today is because I am deeply annoyed with parents and guardians who think it’s absolutely alright to place their toddlers in a kid’s pool (not private) and along with that child, dump a bag full of BEACH TOYS, which ultimately would float away and cover the entire pool of kids.


Beach toys are called BEACH TOYS for obvious reasons - they are meant to be used on the beach!!!!! The beach is where there is sand for raking and shovelling - activities which require edges to craft and shape. Do you think a rake is appropriate in a pool where kids are jumping and mini diving into water which is supposed to be clear of sharp and pointy objects? NO, it’s not the place for it. 

Responsible parents and guardians would know, or rather should learn to know that in a bag of beach toys, only one or two items deem fit for a play time in a pool, such as the watering can or pail and the round head spoon which can be lots of fun for your child to scoop and fill water. 

You don’t go dumping EVERYTHING you have in the bag of toys into the pool and create a hazardous environment for other people’s children. Accidents can happen in many ways and the most common one is with kids who have difficulty in sharing their toys and end up using their toy as a weapon to hit another kid - something I have witnessed many times and for many years in my life - kids being hit and scared by rakes and shovels. It’s not a pretty sight especially when the parent of the perperator acts like he or she is not at fault for creating trouble and destroying the peace in a pool, thanks to their inappropriate toy dumping.

So the next time you think about taking your child out to the pool where there are other children swimming in it too, consider taking a little time to sort out what toys should NOT go into the pool with your kid, better yet, stick to the right toys - POOL TOYS! Those won't go wrong for your kid and others.

Spread the word, educate and make a difference.

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