Sep 4, 2014

PG Recommended

Only recently since my children started watching Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon's noon shows which are meant for older children, did I notice each show now comes with a TV parental guide. I decided to look at the list of cartoons and their rating from those 2 channels and surprisingly, only less than quarter of Cartoon Network’s shows are actually meant for general viewing, some even comes as TV-PG-D which means its dialogue has sexual connotations. 

It’s good that cartoon network has a parental control guide and I wonder how strictly parents follow them. In fact many times, although cooking in the kitchen, I have heard on Disney Junior and Disney Channel, characters addressing each other as “LOSERS” and throwing word like “DAMN”, etc.

I know in the end we can’t bubble wrap our child, I mean, we grew up with TOM and JERRY, and ROAD RUNNER as our cartoons. Look how well we turned out? Well, I can only speak for myself and my friends but I must say we never went running behind anyone calling them horrid names, and being bullies, but may be those cartoons thought us how to deal with bullies and how not to turn into one? There are many lessons in life that one can subconsciously gain from cartoons. 

Whatever the case, the shows we let our children watch, or play on their devices leave an impact on them socially and psychologically and the way they carry themselves. The first signs to know when things are not right, is the language they speak when they are angry about something or with someone. Their choice of anger words and their body language must be observed and if required, evaluated and advised appropriately.

However, like the mischievous cartoon characters we come across on TV, some kids are very smart at pretending in front of their elders and being a real menace behind. Since my children started studying at a new school, my son especially has a lot of complains to share with me about the type of kids in his class especially about one particular boy who ability to switch modes just shocks the living daylight out of us. His parents of course believes no one but their son and that’s when you wonder, what’s going on back at home and how do these kids do it?

So the next time your kids watch something on a kiddy channel, don’t forget to check out if the show is meant for their age and exposure. These codes serve as a purpose - guidance for us as parents. 

Sep 3, 2014

The Book Bucket Challenge - are you up for it?

The famous Ice Bucket Challenge brought about the Rice Bowl Challenge and as you see, the Book Bucket Challenge too. Listing 10 books and nominating your friends to do the same but for what purpose, is the big question.

The story behind the Book Bucket Challenge is clearly written in The Business Insider of India’s article - being a charity drive to increase literacy rate and donation of books to villages by setting up one village, one library concepts initiated in Kerala, India, the land with 93.91% literacy rate (2011 census).

Anyway, over on the social media platform, we see this challenge going around and the question that comes to my mind is, what am I going to do with the 10 books I’ve listed? Donate them to the town library? The my club library? Display it on my soon to set-up library? Honestly, I’m very attached to my books, physically, mentally and emotionally. I want these books to be read by my kids and their friends if they are interested so what can I do in form of charity? I need to contemplate on it and come up with an answer for myself. Till then, lets do it the way some people have re-invented it to be; a challenge to 'FINDING YOUR BEST PAL’ through books.

With that here is my list:

1. The Boy In The Stripped Pajamas - John Boyne 
2. Luka And The Fire Of Life - Salman Rushdie
3. The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho
4. The Fifth Child - Doris Lessing
5. Their Eyes Were Watching God - Zora Hurston
6. Inside the Whale - George Orwell
7. The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde
8. The Sky Burial - Xinran
9. Desert Royal - Jean Sasson
10. The Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella 

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