Art Therapy or Torture?

Do not be mistaken, I love colouring and I love art, but somehow, surprisingly, whenever I look at these adult colouring books that are now so abundantly sold in local bookstores, I find myself suffering with palpitations rather than calmness.

 Strangely, I’m not attracted to them and I am shocked at my inability to grab a colouring book now that I can find them everywhere and not just on Amazon.  Anyone who knows me well would know exactly how much I love to draw and colour both for leisure and work. 

I’ve seen the posted images of the colouring pages done by my friends on FB and some of them have such talent to make their colouring seem just like a laser printed image. They must have been supremely calm? Bravo to them all!

Believe me, even to write this post about this topic is giving me a torturous ache in my chest, and writing is supposedly the one thing that calms my nerves down. 

Well, I guess the judge of how therapeutic or torturous a hobby is, still remains personal.

To those who have found joy in reliving their childhood moments with their colour pencils - I say well done and keep it up, do more and post them for everyone to see. You should be proud of yourself!

To those like me (unexpected really!), I say please don’t kill yourself and go back to gardening, or sewing, or baking, or reading a book as your means of therapeutic calmness - you don’t need to take on something new just because it’s trending in the market right now, and in my case, give my heart a break! 


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