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* Nothing to be happy about??

Have you ever said out loud that, YOU, have NOTHING TO BE HAPPY ABOUT? I have, I admit I have. Only to, after a few minutes, realise how foolish it is to say that when I have been blessed by God with the things he believes I deserve. But more than me saying this, I have heard this from others way too many times. How can anyone actually not have anything to be happy about? How can anyone not be blessed by God to have something to be happy about? Good health? Good job? Good family? Good friends? Good house? Good neighbours? There must be at least one that's good? Well, some people are blessed with everything whereas some may not be, but certainly all of us are blessed with something. Is it fair that you forget what you are blessed with just because what you expect doesn't seem to go your way? Is it fair that you ignore the things that you should be happy about, and greed for the things that aren't working out for you? Well obviously NOT! Instead of bickering on

* Use It or Lose It

Use it or Lose it! Well I meant you brain. As much as some of us have finished studying and are pretty much settled with life, don't forget to constantly stimulate different sections of your brain so you keep it healthy till you kick the bucket. It is after all the central processing unit of your body and just like your computers need rebooting and an antivirus system to keep it running without problem, so must your brain be kept healthy at all time.. Feed it right! Your diet plays a huge role in how healthy it is kept. Overdosing it with the wrong food especially too rich in sugar can make it slow. Feed it too, with the right kind of attitude and activity. It basically does what you ask of it. You can even cheat your own brain to believe what is not true, so choose what you wish to have it remember and how it thinks. Overdosing your brain with crap only makes you behave crappy towards yourself and others around you. Finally, since I believe in the existence of God and his

* My tough "5 to be years old" Client

Being a parent really allows you to enjoy the best of everything good and bad.. as your child grows and all that comes along with it, especially their birthdays. My Belle is about to have her 5th birthday next month and she plans on having a Fairy Birthday. Infact she has been on her toes about all this since May this year. I suggested since she was turning 5, why not get all the 5 fairies involved in her birthday and so my adorable tough client has agreed to it. Belle will be having Tinker, Rosetta, Iridessa, Fawn, and Silvermist much involved in her party cups (yeah its not party bags this year), with fairy wings on them definately.. The entire process had started yesterday and she's really tough to deal with when it comes to preparing stuff, besides being tough I must admit she sure has brilliant artistic ideas and she's one little girl worth planning a party for!!

* The healing powers of Air kelapa muda

I have been having a series of unfortunate events when it comes to my health! Over the weekend I started myself on a new prescribed drug my specialist decided to put me on, apparently to increase my lung capacity, but all it did, unfortunately was to increase the size of my lips and face overall!! I had such a torturous reaction to it and I suspect the steroid in the medicine had much to do with it all. Best part of it all was I went to an A&E of a very famous private hospital and despite having in their record I was suspected to be allergic to steroid, the genius doctor wanted to give me a jab of hydro cortisol which is steroid!!! How smart can that ass get? I of course asked him if he read my complaint? and asked what sort of practise is this to inject me with steroid when I am suffering due to it? What ever happened to simple antihistamines?? After a long 5 minute grumble back at him, I finally got to go back home with my antihistamines that cost RM4.10 and paid him RM30 f

* A new phase

I remember saying, that your age makes a difference in your comfort for studying Music only because I felt so uncomfortable being the oldest at the piano theory exam couple of weeks ago. Today I say otherwise.. yeah that's so me! Miss Contradiction? I did something very spontaneous a month ago, and last weekend, I finally had my enrollment and orientation day. The VC and Directors of OUM were very warm and their welcome to the campus felt promising. It feels great having to start studying again.. Furthering my education has always been something I wanted to do, but have put it on hold for way too long and now a new phase in my life has begun. I know I made the right choice, because the right people helped me see the best of it!! I believe the time I had in hand, since I resigned, was a stimulator to guiding me to what I really am passionate about and has helped me decide on this field of study. Thank you Bi and Pat for being so supportive and helpful to me, not just with th