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* Kids say the darness things..

We all can say that we have many times heard our kids or others say the most silliest things, comment the most dumbest things and sometimes throw questions and make statements of the most heart painful things. Yes they always do.. and their innocence may make these statements seem so adorable to the parents who listen to it. What happens when your child makes a stupid remark about someone or something someone has done and you, beyond all your stupidity decide to tell it to the person involved, not thinking for a second that it would upset the one listening to it? I once gave a gift to a friend's kid, it was an encyclopedia to be exact, and later I come to hear after asking if the kid liked it, that the remark made was "as if i don't know all this, that I need to get this book as a gift!" Sure as a parent you would feel so great to hear your child say that! Makes your kid sound so very smart, doesn't it? But it sure made me feel like an idiot, but I guess that d

* Our 3rd Little Wonder..

All it takes is that one miraculous beat of the heart and life starts in the most delightful way. For the 3rd time in this life of mine, I've seen the little wonder of a heart beating in my womb, once again.. Little wonders that makes the biggest impressions through all the twist and turns of faith. The smiles on the faces of my 2 older miracles seeing our latest edition makes it even greater a gift to me! So once again, we journey together towards awaiting the smiles, cries, screams and laughs of our next little wonder!