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* Women Are Peacemakers??

When you read this statement over and over again in a book, which was what happened to me, does it get you thinking, if it's right to say that "Women Are Peacemakers," as stated by the author of the book. Or do they just disguise themselves and make people especially men believe that they are? No doubt there are many out there who certainly deserve this title. Some very famous women, and some may just be our own mums, sisters or friends. But ask again, are WOMEN REALLY PEACEMAKERS?? Sadly, I know a few who appear as peacemakers only because they've manage to make a puppet out of their husband or children to do the dirty conniving job for them, hence they appear like such sympathetic helpless women, who, when approached with a disturbing matter, would pretend not to know what's the root of the issue, because the root hides inside of them! May be these women are just simply smart at delegating the job! I've also witness women who drive t

* Feeling illegal!!

And so it has happened again.. I have once more forgotten my handbag, and this time in PD heading back for KL. The first time, was when I had forgotten it in a Chinese Restaurant in PJ heading off to PD and only to have realised it after reaching my destination. I blame it not on my forgetful memory (though I can still recall how my mum hated having to ask me where I left anything as I would always answer "I don't know", well give me a break I was a kid... may be I still am), but the fact is that I wasn't driving to have the car keys in my bag, which usually helps me in making sure I carry it off when I do leave a place. Well, since I'm not blaming my inborn forgetfulness syndrome shall I blame PD then? Haha Anyway, now that I don't have any of my documents at hand, I totally feel like an illegal immigrant, then again, even when I had them with me, people were able to blabber that "we" are immigrants (if get what I mean)! At least they dec

* I could have..!!

Very often people look back into their past and say, I should have...and then I could have.. For instance, I should have studied harder, then I could have been someone or I should have saved when I had, I would have been so much richer now. Why do we enjoy torturing ourselves, and most of all the ones who have to listen to us whine about what we didn't and would have done or become? Lately I heard this statement that went like this.. "Why you keep saying you could have been someone, when what you are right now also you cannot do it properly!" Excellent comment I would say! People should stop living in the past, work with what you have in the present and make your difference for the future instead of wondering and claiming "I could have...!" Don't you think so too?

* Thundering Cheers

Who needs the TV when it comes to football? As much as the world loves it, I would agree with some of my friends that I find the game a little boring. At one time I personally felt guilty watching sports, especially when I'm on the sofa with a bowl of chips and soda in my hands! Right, I should be on the field burning calories instead of just watching and loading up on crap instead. This reminds me of a story of how I played football and had a blast of a time in the field with my Catechism friends at our Confirmation camp, and right after that I joined in for Charades with another group in the dorm and I ended up twisting my ankle really badly because I jumped out of my seat for winning. I mean, I played football but I injured myself in Charades? Good Lord right??!!! Anyway back to who needs the TV when it comes to football? I CERTAINLY DON'T. Where I live, my surroundings practically alarms me that there is a match and I would know who wins or scores just

* The return of the Jedi

Sorry I just had to make it dramatic.. Jedi? Who am I kidding? I'm back to my blog and yes the "A" I got for my Critical Writing paper in my January Semester, just motivated me to write even more.. Yeah I finally saw my results, all because I was just too lazy to go pay the balance fees for the sem and since I deferred May, I thought I could just relax and not bother about studies... Anyway, besides dropping dead due to a blissful shock from seeing my results, I have my little booties - Arron Julian in my arms now.. well not now now, he's asleep now.. but yeah our latest edition is home with us, came 4 weeks earlier like the rest of my angels.. and with everything I've gone through for this delivery, I'm all better thanks to God, and I'm all geared up for getting back into my routines.. Studies, gym, kids, home and LIFE to its fullness!!! Praise God for everything he has given us!!