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Have yourself a merry little christmas..

It was a merry little Christmas yesterday with my 3 lovely babies, my sister and her husband in my car in our wonderful traffic congestion on the 3 lane highway of our beautiful Malaysia. Entertained by Mariah's Christmas CD, followed by Lady Gaga, Camp Rock 2, MJ, Taylor Swift and Hannah Montana in 1 drive, really made it a MERRY (Music) LITTLE (Space in square feet) Christmas. I did an obligatory visit, a friendly visit and a home loving visit all in 1 day and no complains I guess as my kids were the most adorable children I could ever ask for. Their patience at such an age is certainly admirable. Even older folks would have wined away if put in such a travel situation. Christmas was not the same this year, but however it is celebrated and with whoever it is celebrated with, Christmas will always be beautiful because Christ resides in my heart. I truly loved what Fr Philip Muthu had said in his sermon in the Christmas Eve mass, "Remember don't eat too much and don

TRON Legacy

Tuesday again and today's pick was TRON LEGACY. The latest Science Fiction movie by Disney which truly captivated us on first sight of its trailer on TV. Imagine being in a Computer Program, and worst trapped in one? Well that's what this movie is about. I lost interest in Science Fiction movie at one point, for reasons I don't remember, and watching Tron, a Sci Fi movie, just worked well in my head. Besides liking the story line, I truly loved the white and orange lighted suites worn in the movie. The vehicles and structures were magnificently designed. It was truly wonderful watching the scenes and action in Tron and thank God there weren't ALIEN looking creatures in it, as that would have been such a put off. Deceased pix-sapiens had such a unique style of being destroyed in fights, as they fell out like domino pieces were really cool. Belle and CJ enjoyed it, although I had to retell the story to them, as they kind of got lost half way besides still enjoying

Wet Grass

My son CJ had quite a disgusting time in the field today! With the fantastic weather we've been having this whole month in Malaysia.. tho I should be thanking mother nature for it not being as horrid as it is in London now, the playground just isn't fun to be in. What's good about today's experience is that, he finally felt it for himself. Every time it rains, I say NO to the playground, he wines, I loose my head, and he wines and wines, cries and cries till he stops with me threatening him that I would put him outside for him to finish crying! But today was different, I said OK! The entire time in the playground, he was washing his feet at every possible ground pipe around the pool area, and when I ask him why, he answers, "So 'geli' (gross) la Mama!!!" Wet grass and mud in a combination on baby skin.. just isn't something he could deal with, in fact not even for Belle. So the whole time at the flooded park (nope it wasn't 3 meters

MegaMind - Giving Bad A Good Name?

This is a classic story of Good vs Evil.. even better, it's the story of how evil needs good to have a good time being evil. Well it starts with how Evil (Mr MegaMind) and Good began and that too was a classic example of a kid who got out-shone in everything possible against the Hero(Metro Man) and decided since doing bad was what he was good at, he would master at that instead, just so that he be noticed by others and have a chance at LOVE.. Well I did almost sleep off.. exhaustion and not boredom I must admit (luckily Belle woke me up), tho this movie was nice in many levels, nevertheless it was also something that would have been good to have watched in the house instead of the cinema.. so if you can't get the time to watch it with a box of popcorn and that 3D glasses.. you can certainly enjoy it when it gets to the home screens in the comfort of your living room. Before I forget, what's really cute about Mr MegaMind besides his silly attempts at being a villain,

Faa la la la laaaa.... la laaaa

"This the season to be jolly.... Faa la la la laaaa.... la laaaa" "Load your wallets and see it burn.... Faa la la la laaaa.... la laaaa" "Swipe your cards, if you run out of cash... Faa la la la laaaa.... la laaaa" "By the new year you'll see them outgrow it... Faa la la la laaaa.... la laaaa" So how's my version of this Carol? Yeah today.. 6 hours later, I found myself with 2 preschoolers and a toddler in a pram transformed into a semi shopping cart, a backpack on my bag, a GO GREEN bag from Toys R Us, cash enough to pay the parking, and a credit card that gave me a Silver Token which if accumulated would win me probably a NUT CRAKER.. or a Towel. So what did I do today? I went shopping with my 3 kids to get them their Christmas clothing. A Christmas task I absolutely LOVE!!!! We 4 survived it! My hat's off to AJ most especially!! My 6 month old son who loved being strolled a

Annual Problem for our Generation?

Ever since the start of the school break, which in my case started a week earlier than the official date, I have had mothers asking me, "How do you keep your kids busy and occupied for the school break and still remain sane?" Well the answer is simple. NOTHING! Honestly, kids are kids, and they have the world's best imaginative brain most adults only can dream of having once again, or ever. Many psychologist have ruled out the fact that kids need immense entertaining to get through the day, when actually they don't and it's us adult who psycho too much thinking our kids are dead bored just being home. Well the truth of the matter is, they aren't! It's us who are getting bored for them which seriously is a complete waste of time. While some mothers think they need to take their kids out every day of the holidays, there are some who forget its a holiday and drill their kids with loads of homework. Some forbid their own kids to play in the comfort of the

A Tangled Tale - RAPUNZEL

As promised to Belle and CJ, Every Tuesdays of the school break will be a Movie Date at the Golden Screen Cinema in Mid Valley Mega Mall. Last Tuesday was Harry Potter 7 hence my fiction wishes blogged last week. This week was The Tangled Tale - Rapunzel. Amongst all Disney Princess / Girly movies ever made, I would say this is, by far, the BEST!! From start till end, the script was magnificent and inviting. The twist in the story and the animation was good. I absolutely admired Rapunzel's mural skills, and her face was pretty as pretty can be. I cannot understand what a cry baby I became watching the movie. Somehow, there were way too many touching moments in it that got me all teary and I loved it! It was a Tangled Tale.. a tale worth tearing for I must say : )