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Happiness and Success

Ever met a person who has EVERYTHING one can ever ask for yet says he is not happy? Ever met a person who has almost NOTHING yet he can't wait for a new day? The world is seriously full of unhappy, ungrateful and dissatisfied people.. Even when you have those who are appreciative of life with the little they have, these unhappy ones with everything will still say they have not seen happiness and hearing it you would wonder if they were blind, or just plain pathetic? My experience in with many such persons of both category has lead me to say that HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS IS WHAT YOU DEFINE IT TO BE! I have given up trying to make those who should be happy, realize what is staring right at their face and instead of embracing it, they carry on grumbling about life. For those who are contented with the little they have, my hats off to you! Others should seriously learn from you.. As for me..? I have my own definition of success and happiness.. what I could say right now is

You're not SMART if you don't read!

We have made ourselves believe that KIDS SAY THE FUNNIEST THINGS.. but with more careful analysis you would see that their innocent statements actually make a lot of sense, which most of us adults have lost in the years of growing up.. My little girl told me yesterday that "Ma, if you don't read, you are not SMART and this does not include reading COMICS!"  I laughed in agreement to her statement. Naturally I asked her why and how she came up with such a conclusion? Her answer was that she examined her friends and when asked herself silently in her head, why they behave so dumb (as in not to her standard of comprehension) she realized it's because they have no reading habits! In addition, these people had no quality in viewing shows on TV that made a difference. Is this an ELDEST CHILD SYNDROME? I grew up with an older brother who's reading materials were those types that kids his age right now would fling it off in the blink of


It's been so long since I wrote in my blog.. My apologies.. But what motivated me to wanting to post today is the fact that I'm actually up for it. Yes.. The mere fact that I had a real good night sleep not just for a night but for two nights made a HUGE impact-full change in my life! Sounds silly is it? Here's the story.. A couple of weekends ago, we celebrated my daughter's birthday and it was no ordinary birthday at home or a chosen venue for cake cutting but a weekend getaway with the entire family including my very loyal, God sent NANNY!!! We headed down to Melaka's A'famosa Resort for 3 days and 2 nights. We packed everything and everyone possible to spend the weekend with me and my kids in order to have a surprised birthday party for my girl who turned 7 and at the same time to enjoy the activities available at the resort. During the day we had quite the activities and most certainly it was after feasting a great breakfast buffet in the Golfe

Angry Birds

If you have played this game on your mobile.. you would agree with me that it's FUN and addictive. Yes I have completed and cleared all the levels and I'm proud to say that I'm satisfied with my mini accomplishment. So if there's more... BRING IT ON!!! However, my post today is not merely about this App, but about literally placing the people who annoy you on stones and sticks and shooting birds, and explosive eggs at them! Yes the start of this week pretty much pissed me off till I had this imaginary game playing in the front of my head where I stacked the staff of my learning center on sticks, stones, and huts and had birds on a slingshot knock them down. Doesn't it piss you off to call a government organization, or an education institution, or a healthcare company or anyone for that matter and not have the damn phone answered?  At official working hours, you expect an official working ethics too! Don't you? So I called and called fro

Of All Places????

 The shopping malls are a favorite hang out place for most people.. What else right? Already we live in a concrete world and most of us sit in a box, luxurious or not and hitting the playground as a family for a picnic or for the evening is not a hotspot anymore for most people. So when you get to have everything under one roof, you'll get EVERYONE there too!  Everyone in the context of sensible and senseless people.  Yesterday my family and I made a trip to Sunway Pyramid and here's why I ask; "OF ALL PLACES????" WHAT IS THE ESCALATOR FOR? It is the means of transport within the mall that gets you from one floor to another! The escalator is not the place you discuss in a group on where to go next especially when this takes place at the walk off point!!! There are oncoming passengers behind you! Don't be stupid to stand there and wonder where to walk next!!! WHAT IS THE ELEVATOR FOR? It is a means of transport within a mall that gets you from one flo

Hotel California?

Have you ever had the feeling of not wanting to leave a place after you've spent several hours in it? Well here's why this post is called Hotel California.. (do not refer to the allegoric hedonistic interpretation of the song ok!) "You can check out anytime but you can never leave..."  Well.. I had my sister over at our place for the weekend to help me watch the kids while I was away for my exams.. then came Sunday evening, when it was time for her to go back home.. she looked at me and said.. "It's just too difficult to leave! Your house is like HOTEL CALIFORNIA!" Once you check in you can never check out!! (That's her version of the song!)  I totally understand how she felt..  Isn't it true that when you are surrounded  by family, or even friends that are so dear to you, you just can't leave even when the time is up?  It's like both your body and spirit isn't willing to let you go from that bond you feel so stron

Buying a Car? What's your Sex?

Listening to the local radio station for a morning drive, excuse me, I meant for the morning traffic has its perks. Who am I kidding? Some days it can be really annoying having to listen to the DJ speak non stop and play lousy repeated songs!! So today as my routine of listening and cursing (in my mind of course) the radio station while I drive to send my kids to school, the hot topic was HOW DIFFERENTLY DO MEN AND WOMEN THINK BEFORE BUYING A CAR? According to 1 playback of a caller to the radio station, this is what that bloody fool had to say: "WOMEN CHOOSE THEIR CAR BASED ON LOOKS! NOTHING MORE! ALL THEY WANT IS HAVE A CAR THAT CAN BE FUELED UP AND DRIVEN OFF! THEY DON'T THINK ABOUT FUEL ECONOMY OR SERVICING THE CAR AND EXPECTS IT TO LAST FOREVER!!" To me that sounded like how a fair population of MAN WOULD CHOOSE HIS WOMAN! Based on LOOKS, just fuel her up and drive off!! Not thinking about fuel economy nor attending to service it and expects that

It Is In Giving That We Receive

Karma is a very STRONG word. Everytime we do or say something, subconsciously we worry if it's good or bad and if this act is one day going to bite us in the ass? But there are many who do the worst things to others but never wondered if it was going to bite them back one day and when that time comes, they sit and question..  WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?  WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?  WHY AM I NOT BLESSED?  WHY IS GOD PUNISHING ME?  So finally it lands to GOD being blamed? People do the things they do, and then for some reason they forget or choose to forget and then wonder and blame others and GOD! It is not just in charity that you receive in giving. When we deliberately hurt the ones who love us (especially our children who depend on us for nothing more than UNCONDITIONAL LOVE), take their existence in our life for granted, or even throw our hormonal tantrums over them without caring less of their feelings.. and when you stop receiving any kindn


For the longest time I have always hated the word WHATEVER! Not the obvious definition of the word itself, but the way it is used and the intonation of its use. It can be disrespectfully rude when used especially after you have given so much effort in explaining something to someone (upon request that too), and that listener, probably due to inability to comprehend or simply to the fact gives a damn over your efforts throws a "WHATEVER" at you. An arrogant WHATEVER is like slapping YOURSELF in the face.. I'm simply getting tired of wondering how these sort of people speak and not know how they sound when they throw this word in the most insolent way at another. If "I DONT CARE aka WHATEVER" is going to be the answer you give to another... then save the speaker all the trouble by not asking or sounding like a bloody fool in the first place! Trust me such EGO talk makes only YOU look dumber!!!

Remove From Friends

Social Networking is just great don't you think? It has made keeping in touch with family and friends in and out of the country absolutely easy and convenient. With Facebook (my bestest friend) and my iPhone (my buddy), staying in touch has never been simpler. I honestly have no chance to meet friends and relatives without having to bring my kids along and my kids would rather have me take them out to their favorite spots than to sit down with me listening to my conversations with the "grown ups". Now that my kids are off at school in the mornings, I am left with time to myself which I still can't share with my friends or family because they are busy at work. So since timing do not coincide, I honestly don't know how I would be able to keep in contact with everyone if I had to do it the old fashion way. It's time consuming, dry and often always in the way of others. So now with Facebook and Twitter in the lime light.. there are the followi

Porn Overtime?

Yes you've read the title right.. PORN! (I hope my blog doesn't come up when someone Googles for PORN!!!) I am not condemning anyone who sits on the internet and uses such a wonderful creation (I meant the internet not the porn mind you) to just watch x-rated movies. That's certainly entirely up to the individual But how much can you tolerate if you know a colleague is working overtime with porn as the entertainment at your work place? Firstly, why didn't the IT departments ban such sites from being viewed on the office computers??? Unless they are spending overtime on these sites too. I'm not talking about the IT staff, but a user actually. Secondly, how stupid can the person who views porn on an office computer be? Never heard of erasing history or what??? Are these people trying to send out some sort of message to their workmates? Other than, "Hey!!! I'm a PERVERT??" Should those who know about this keep quiet? I

So You've Changed!!

Change is inevitable. It is through the circumstances and experience that we go through in life that mold us to be what we are and most of the time it sheds off old skin making room for new traits and aspirations. It is not wrong, in fact it is healthy to experience change especially if it is a positive one. So what's my point of talking on this? Well, if change is a good thing, then why is it many cannot accept it in others? Is it because we've allowed others to accept us the way we have always been that a sudden change makes the ones around us think we've gone nuts? Or is it because there already has been a gradual change in you but those around you was too preoccupied to notice? Which ever reason it may be, you've changed and now should we consider helping the ones around us to accept us, by opening a communication with them and explaining who we've evolved to be? Or should we ignore and tell ourselves, "it's not my problem if they can'

The Credit Card Clown!

Whenever possible, while my kids are off at school and I have ample of time to spare, I window shop. Actually I think I should rephrase that. I shop! Well I would say its usually for my kids. Last Monday, I got an SMS from my credit card company, that informed me of the free gift I was entitled to received thanks to my purchases of RM200 on the card and that I should visit the kiosk on the upper floor of the mall. So I did. My welcome to the kiosk by the Customer Service Consultant was, "Wah, so early morning already shopping ha?" (it was 11.30am) to which I responded, this is LATE for me!! Then he proceeded to giving me my free gift which was a Voucher for 2 Free Scopes of Ice Cream at a Ice Cream outlet in that mall valid to a pretty decent date. Thinking that would be all, he decided to ask me, if I was considering changing my gold card to a clear card or something that can give me free coffee at famous coffee houses in Malaysia. I said, "No thanks... Unless

JLo and Marc Divorce?

So it ends? Being married.. having a pair of twins, judging American Idol.. dancing like a "ARTIST" for the AI finals next to her so called HOT Husband now known as the CONTROL FREAK who owes the IRS millions... and claiming he hates seeing his wife being overly sexy? What exactly do people want from their spouse? Men expects to marry a HOTTY and then deprives her of every thing she's good at and women who marry a man in the context of "I can change him" as if they were suppose to be MOTHER instead of WIFE to their husband! Hollywood marriages and divorces are always interesting sick especially when either one of them publishes a book about it and makes a living off it. Well the real disastrous marriages aren't so glamourous as they are silent and helplessly hopeless! With no one to run to and no authority that takes their problems seriously, leaving men to continue domineering their woman. If only these ladies get a publisher to put their me


Today is my mother's 9th Death Anniversary, God Bless her soul... And just a couple of minutes ago I decided to read the Good News Magazine Newsletter that I receive in my inbox and it talked about REPUTATION.. Mainly about how you would like to be remembered when you are dead and How would someone present the Eulogy at your funeral? Jokingly at the back of my head I said that I will assign this eulogy task on someone who is well read and spoken in English.. (this is what you get when you need to write an essay of 3K words about the benefits of speaking effectively in English) Well both my parents are certainly remembered for their goodness and kindness and their generosity and helpfulness towards those around them, and somehow too for being parents who brought their kids up right (this I hear from others who tell me..) The newsletter had this poem written by an unknown author and I decided to make it my post today thanks to the appropriateness. So here it is.. "

Taming the wild..

I know.. I just like giving my blog posts such dramatic titles. Then again it is a dramatic issue when it comes to HAIR!!! We women can never get enough with making this crowning glory of ours beautiful beyond compare.. envious even to the eyes of the beholder (ok now that's a little too dramatic) but my hair has a story of its own I tell you. I have never been satisfied with the wide range of shampoos I have tried throughout my life.. and that was since I was 15. It either dries my hair, makes it tangle up, dries it again, makes it drop like mad. Hell I had a bumpy journey in finding the right one.. The last week I decided to try SUN SILK. I remember dreading away the first time I used this brand in 2003. I used their anti dandruff shampoo but my scalp became itchy and I scratched it so badly I bled! (I know it's disgusting isn't it?) Kindly enough this time around, this brand is actually doing me JUSTICE!! My hair actually feel lighter and m

Ear for Music

Don't our kids amaze us almost every time.. and most of these times unexpectedly? Sometimes our children have got the ability to comprehend life better than most adults.. Guess it's true when experts say.. "To a child his entire world is a playground." They understand it better probably because they are not blinded by stress like us, adults, I guess. The one thing I admire in my kids is their ear for music. Not just music played on the radio or CDs but soundtracks too. We would watch movies together and I have realized that they (subconsciously i think) register the music played in the background of some of these movies. For this season, it's all about Klaus Badelt's music of Pirates of The Caribbean and because of this, I was asked to buy the soundtrack from iTunes, which I did, along with 21 other theme songs from various movies which they have in fact watched. With my inquisitive motive, I decided to give them a pop quiz on the themes.

Kung Fu Panda 2

"Everyone is born with a prewritten destiny.." You believe this? I do! Yes as much as we want to believe destiny lies in our own hands, the religious instinct in me believe that God has this all prewritten. Somehow no matter what you think you want to achieve, you get it otherwise and sometimes in fact better than what you've expected. Po did! I know it's fictional but the writer isn't fiction! I liked the way the story line was written. In fact I preferred this to the first one. It's funny for the kids, and most of all inspiring to the adults who think nothing much of themselves.

Pirates of The Caribbean - On Stranger Tides

I just can't get enough of Jack Sparrow! Really, he's the best thing ever created! On Stranger Tides gave a completely new splash to the story and it was quite impressive. I wanted very much to watch it also because of Penelope Cruz who's acting somehow turned out to be just Ok for me actually. Black Beard and the mermaids were an interesting inclusion to the story. The hilarious part was that the story needed a CATHOLIC to destroy the Fountain Of Youth! The Spaniards looked as though they were in the hunt for the fountain for themselves! Yes Eternal Life is in GOD! Not some fountain! You pirates! Anyway.. Jack Sparrow was the reason I went for the movie, and this lines were just great including his act of course. Yes, why would Jack Sparrow give the drink of eternal life to Angelica? Jack Sparrow doesn't need to live till eternity.. His NAME will do that for him! And which of the 4 POTC I liked the most? 1-2-3 and 4 most definitely!!

Tonight (I'm Loving You)..

Enrique Iglesias's Tonight I'm loving You, not only catches my ear, it catches my entire being. Goodness I just love it! It's the sort of song that can turn that sexy side of you in an instant. May be the Obedient Wife Club of Malaysia should recommend music therapy for accentuating the mood for promoting HEALTY FUN LOVE MAKING in marriages rather than advising women on providing SEX LIKE A 1ST CLASS PROSTITUTE for their husband to ease their husband's need thus reducing trouble in their marriage. I wonder where's the connection between obedience and the style of a "lady of the night"? This is professionally and ethically questionable on the grounds of woman's right! Women need to be obedient to avoid having their husbands stray and cheat on them? A STRAY DOG WILL STILL STRAY NO MATTER WHAT YOU FEED IT!!!! I respect the fact that they want to reduce divorces and domestic violence, but they sound like it has to only be the act of the wo

It's GOODBYE to AI..

I pledged a week before the finals of American Idol that if Scotty McCreery were to win, I would STOP watching this show (luckily I didn't pledge to shaving my head!) Last year's winner was a complete clown and now this.. The final show was not just obnoxious as to who won it, but that performance where Marc Anthony had his wife dance like it were a slut show was even more unappealing. Call me Indian, Asian whatever but she's a judge on the show and she performed like that next to her husband just wasn't SEXY anymore... and I really like JLo mind you.. Back to my point, I shall safe myself the trouble of following AI on their road to a winner.. cause their winners sadly SUCK!

Emotional Cyclone

"I'm a woman and I love, love stories." I guess it's safe for me to say that. Romance is a complex state that stirs hormones and emotions and can bring about tears, a tacycardiac reaction and the big O for some, eh who am I kidding, many I meant. But I'm talking about the simplest of cyclonic emotions. Yea how can a cyclone be small, but when you watch a good love story, you get your heart feeling a sweet catastrophe in the making. Yes 'catastrophe' because it gives you all the wonderful feeling inside and then you go back to reality.. screaming kids, messed up houses, and unfolded laundry (generally speaking). Just the other day I watched "Letters to Juliet" and I loved it! I loved it because it made me cry observing the character of Sophie. Hoping and wanting Sophie to finally find her one true love, and how her quest in search of it for a complete stranger brought about her own destiny. Dear John, Nights in Rodanthe, or even The Accide

Shall get on with it..

My classes for this semester has started, and as much as I would like to say it was great, I just can't. (I love the subjects I'm taking this sem though) and here is why.. My first tutor for the morning seem to have an urgent need to tell us how much qualification he has, actually more like which are the institutions he has studied in and not enough he even bragged about how he comes from a family who has all graduates and have stepped into the UNIVERSITY bla bla bla, in other words he states they are all "Educated" people! You know when that line "With great powers comes great responsibility!" was used so seriously in Spiderman, it should also be applied here! Come on, he is a tutor who spent 3/4 of the tutorial talking about his education, his wife's and his generation of University graduates, but he could not speak a sentence of english without having major grammatical errors in it! In fact when he spoke in his mother tongue, he fumbled quite the

The Royals

The above photo was the print on a t-shirt I had when I six, given to me by my aunt who visited us from UK. Believe me when I say I loved the t-shirt and it was this tee that introduced the Royalties of England into my life.. Now that Kate and William are an item, photos of them flood away and the one I like the most is this... Simply LOVELY!!!

This is What Dreams Are Made Of - Hillary Duff

I got goose bumps when Traxx FM played this song on air today! It brought back memories of my nephew and niece doing a lovely duet at my wedding dinner back in 2003 and they were both just 12 and 14 years old then.. Great vocals and most of all wonderful spirit and guts they had.I love every word in this song as it is exactly what I see my life to be. Dreams are made of - having somewhere to belong and someone to love!! Love you John and Katrina!!! and Thank you.. the performance made the night great!!

Mother's Day

Yes it's mother's day on its way once again. Seriously, something is wrong with me, cause I'm just too tired of reading about this whole Mother I love you business everywhere and every time in papers, magazines, TV and radio! No I'm not bitter as I had a great mum to call mine, for a good period of time though I wished she had lived longer to see my kids; but all this is choking me! Tired of reading about other people's wonderful mothers and bla bla bla... It's like how Ebenezer Scrooge hated Christmas.. yes I feel like that. So will there be a ghost of Mother's Day Past, Present and Future visiting me? I sure hope not and I hope I snap out of this exhausting feeling I seem to have adopted over this celebration. I somehow make myself laugh at the end of this nauseous feeling by recalling the writing on a cake my brother Richard had bought for his wife on behalf of the kids at home, to celebrate this "auspicious" day. It said "HAPPY M

'6 months' rule

Professionals say that when it comes to handling your wardrobe, what you've not worn in 6 months would probably never be worn again. So the "6 months rule" came into serious play for me today and with that I managed to successfully box up and ship out half of my closet. Not only did I remove clothes I have not worn in 6 months, I actually also had clothes I have not worn in 18 years.. May be I was hoping to get back into the outfits I wore when I was 16, only realizing that even though I fit it them again, I'm way to old for that sort of fashion now that I have 3 kids and ultimately a better sense of style. Therefore everything from dresses to skirts to tank top and granny blouses went out of my residence and suddenly I am left behind with loads of vacant hangers and YES - space! Space for both my clothes and for my hands to pick them out as. All these while I needed the help of a genie for that. It sure feels good doing so, but now should I look at my cl

Giving up for Lent before Lent gives up on you?

Lent is here once again, and what have we decided to give up for this season? Which we will pick up once the season is over? I know I sound cynical, but isn't it sad that we want to give it up for 40 days then get back to it after? Anyway.. I didn't decide to give up on anything. Rotten me! In fact it's this season of Lent that I always end up eating MEAT on Fridays. I know.. I'm terrible.. I don't deliberately do this you know.. I guess the devil really works in blinding me from my wrongs and then blows away the cloud to let me see what I've done! Shit MAN! Anyway, my darling daughter, decided to give up on Cakes, Ice Cream, Sweets and Chocolates after her Sunday school on the 1st Sunday of Lent, only to end up eating a mud pie which was my birthday cake, and when she was made to face that temptation, we told her she could start the next day. When next day came, she asked for Ice Cream. So much for vowing to give up SUGAR! I told her specifically t

An APPLE a day keeps the doctor away!

Yes.. and what a coincidence that my last blog post should be about loving my MAC BOOK, my dearest husband got me an iPad for my birthday and an iPod for our lovely Belle... hey what's a birthday celebration without the kiddos getting a gift too, right? So now.. as each new day comes, I get to pick and choose which apple I want to hang out with.. My Macbook? iPad? iPod? and what next obviously the iPhone 4 which is still selling like hotcakes and I can't get one ordered for me because Maxis has requested me to pay my outstanding bill of RM39.20 before they can process the order for their "PREFERRED MaxisClub MEMBER!!!" What crap!!! Anyway.. I'll settle that when I'm doing bills next month! After all what rush am I in? I have all the apples I want don't I? ;-)


I have been very dependent and in love with this thing called COMPUTERS from a young age, but my experience has gone to a new dimension ever since my big brother Richard had passed on his baby to me (the very same person who brought this device into existence in my family). His MAC BOOK PRO!!! No wonder people say, you don't call a MAC a PC! You don't call a MAC BOOK a LAP TOP!!! IT'S CALLED A MAC!!! I guess by right I should justify why, but I'd rather say to you.. "Go get one for yourself and you'd know what I mean!" Yes it would cost you a lot, for some even a fortune, but let me drop just a bit enlightenment for you, if you think of PROFESSIONALISM, a MAC is the ANSWER!! Writing, imaging, music, movies and surfing has never been so fantastic till I got this beauty in my hands! I simply LOVE IT!!

A drizzle from a murky cloud?

When I finally have Belle being happy to go to school, she had to face the first screaming event by her Bahasa Malaysia Teacher! Not only did she scream, she even slammed the table so hard that the entire class got a shock of their lives! Oh here's why? This BM teacher, I assume was doing a favor for the Art teacher; wrote on the board, a list of things that needed to be brought to class for Friday's art period. She wrote it on the board and expected the students to jot it into their BUKU CATATAN (Notice Book) unfortunately this 'British Girl' of mine, who's just learning to understand BM mistakenly wrote it into her BM book instead of the Notice Book! Did my daughter doa CRIME? Well, the slamming of the table, gave Belle a traumatic morning in her car! FEAR! Fear that this lunatic teacher is going to do it again! So I did my part, as much as most parents would say NOT TO! I spoke to the Asst. Head Mistress and my only conclusion to this entire case, is s

Rome was not built in a day!

Today has been the most pleasing day for me since the start of the new year and the first step into Primary Education for my little girl. Having to cope with her crying as she dealt with the new environment of Primary School, especially the language issues, was a huge task not just for her but for me too. I hated the mornings! Hated seeing her cry and sob silently, as I know she was really stressed out with the whole change! It made her so depressed! From loosing appetite, weight loss, sleep loss, and a sulking face, to mouth ulcers and mood swings, today was the 1st day after 2.5 weeks of suffering, did I see her go out to school happily, walked out of the car herself into the school, and best of all, did well in her language and maths test given in class/school to keep her in her own class! Which means, she didn't have to move into the class that needed HELP! Not like it was bad to be in that class, but I'm just so PLEASED that she performed well, besides dealing with s

RECEIPT STORIES : From The Corner..

From the corner of my room I see red blue and green, no not of gooey monsters or creature or any sorta leaches, just simply red blue and green. They overruled me when they arrived, as my vocals were just babbles. So they came and conquered. Now I stand at the colorless end and watch them, red blue and green, and I tell myself, one day, when I am bigger, when my voice would make sense, I shall save me some pennies and buy me room some decent PAINT! By: Jen Netto

Reader's Rule!

Honestly I don't know if there really is a RULE for readers but I'm making this serious RULE right now!!! "WHEN YOU SEE SOMEONE READING A BOOK THAT YOU HAVE READ, DON'T BE A BOOK MURDERER BY TELLING THE ENDING OF THE STORY or ANY OTHER PART OF IT FOR THAT MATTER UNLESS ASKED!! IF SHE'S HOLDING THE BOOK IN HER HAND TO READ, SHUT YOUR GAB AND DON'T ASSUME SHE KNOWS THE ENDING CAUSE IF SHE DID, SHE WOULDN'T BE HOLDING THE BOOK AT ALL, NOW WOULD SHE??!!!" So to EVERYONE OUT THERE, please don't ruin the suspense or surprise of the novel for the other reader, don't give away what the writer so beautifully have kept for the reader to discover! Buying the book, and having someone else tell the story is completely POINTLESS!!!


Some people seriously have no sense to watch how they speak especially to a person who has lost someone dear to them. Yesterday I attended a 1 year memorial lunch, and sat next to my aunt who's husband passed on a year ago. Opposite her sat this much "older" woman who unfortunately didn't age wisely! She went about asking how my late uncle passed on, and what was the cause of his death, and my aunt still tired to reply to her in much hesitance of recalling everything. Nevertheless aunty did so in politeness to the age of the woman asking. Then there came a point where anyone would have shouted SHUT UP to that old crap of a woman! She went about claiming her versions of my uncle's death and continued with strings of "you should have and you shouldn't haves...." Good Lord.. I peeped at the right of my aunt and pierced a look at another aunt, both of us in total disgust, and honestly I would have taken the pleasure of saying SHUT UP but in respect

Waking the dead..

Few days ago, I had to make a stop at 7eleven, and since I parked in front of my daughter's school, and had almost 45 minutes in hand, I decided to walk into the hospital opposite the school to grab a drink and bite with my 4 year old son CJ whom I fetched from his kindergarten. My laziness to walk all the way to the front of the hospital made me try the loading bay instead, so with permission from the security guard of the hospital who was assisting a pharmaceutical truck unload, we walked through the lower ground floor and was told to take the elevator to the 1st floor that would bring us to the convenient store. We walked a little too far past the elevator and I went "Yikes" when I saw a door that had the sign "MORTUARY" on it. CJ asked me why I said Yikes, and I told him "that's where the dead people are kept" and he immediately said "shhhhhhhh!!!!" and I asked him why in return, and he replied, "I don't want to wake the

The Start of A New Page..

Everyone has their own stories and experiences when it comes to their days back in school. For many it was how they coped with their 1st day in Std 1, whether they cried or told their parents to leave immediately, how they hated the toilets or almost shat in their pants and worst of all, not seeing the old friends they got so attached with while in preschool. Let's face it, there are the very pampered but independent ones, and the extremely independent ones well variety is the spice of life, I know and I remember being the earlier of the types. I cried, and cried on my first day at school because I wanted my Mummy to be standing outside the class even though I had my older sister in Std 5 in the very same school. This time the universe has made it my turn. My smart independent little girl started std 1 last week unfortunately inherited my gene... she cried!!! Well not on the first day but the rest of the week she did. It wasn't easy to deal with the tearing and whene

A Blessed 2011..

The only new year resolution I have been making for the past 10 years is NOT TO HAVE A NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION and is by far the only one I have been able to keep. Why is because I break them eventually! Nevertheless I have made some rules which I told myself to strictly abide. They are: 1. To be happy despite the situation and to remember that there's a blessed reason for everything. 2. To avoid grumbling about the things and people who hurt me, because I only make myself feel depressed when my lips speak of them. 3. To avoid the people who have no sense of respect for others including ME, and bitches behind my back (of course if I were to come to know about it, which in most cases I do)! But whatever the case, my blog will be both my venting and praising sheet! So 2011, I see you as a breath of fresh air, since my last year was a beautiful year, I only expect this year to be God willing, as good as the last, come what may. Therefore I have decided to bless it with