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A drizzle from a murky cloud?

When I finally have Belle being happy to go to school, she had to face the first screaming event by her Bahasa Malaysia Teacher! Not only did she scream, she even slammed the table so hard that the entire class got a shock of their lives! Oh here's why? This BM teacher, I assume was doing a favor for the Art teacher; wrote on the board, a list of things that needed to be brought to class for Friday's art period. She wrote it on the board and expected the students to jot it into their BUKU CATATAN (Notice Book) unfortunately this 'British Girl' of mine, who's just learning to understand BM mistakenly wrote it into her BM book instead of the Notice Book! Did my daughter doa CRIME? Well, the slamming of the table, gave Belle a traumatic morning in her car! FEAR! Fear that this lunatic teacher is going to do it again! So I did my part, as much as most parents would say NOT TO! I spoke to the Asst. Head Mistress and my only conclusion to this entire case, is s

Rome was not built in a day!

Today has been the most pleasing day for me since the start of the new year and the first step into Primary Education for my little girl. Having to cope with her crying as she dealt with the new environment of Primary School, especially the language issues, was a huge task not just for her but for me too. I hated the mornings! Hated seeing her cry and sob silently, as I know she was really stressed out with the whole change! It made her so depressed! From loosing appetite, weight loss, sleep loss, and a sulking face, to mouth ulcers and mood swings, today was the 1st day after 2.5 weeks of suffering, did I see her go out to school happily, walked out of the car herself into the school, and best of all, did well in her language and maths test given in class/school to keep her in her own class! Which means, she didn't have to move into the class that needed HELP! Not like it was bad to be in that class, but I'm just so PLEASED that she performed well, besides dealing with s

RECEIPT STORIES : From The Corner..

From the corner of my room I see red blue and green, no not of gooey monsters or creature or any sorta leaches, just simply red blue and green. They overruled me when they arrived, as my vocals were just babbles. So they came and conquered. Now I stand at the colorless end and watch them, red blue and green, and I tell myself, one day, when I am bigger, when my voice would make sense, I shall save me some pennies and buy me room some decent PAINT! By: Jen Netto

Reader's Rule!

Honestly I don't know if there really is a RULE for readers but I'm making this serious RULE right now!!! "WHEN YOU SEE SOMEONE READING A BOOK THAT YOU HAVE READ, DON'T BE A BOOK MURDERER BY TELLING THE ENDING OF THE STORY or ANY OTHER PART OF IT FOR THAT MATTER UNLESS ASKED!! IF SHE'S HOLDING THE BOOK IN HER HAND TO READ, SHUT YOUR GAB AND DON'T ASSUME SHE KNOWS THE ENDING CAUSE IF SHE DID, SHE WOULDN'T BE HOLDING THE BOOK AT ALL, NOW WOULD SHE??!!!" So to EVERYONE OUT THERE, please don't ruin the suspense or surprise of the novel for the other reader, don't give away what the writer so beautifully have kept for the reader to discover! Buying the book, and having someone else tell the story is completely POINTLESS!!!


Some people seriously have no sense to watch how they speak especially to a person who has lost someone dear to them. Yesterday I attended a 1 year memorial lunch, and sat next to my aunt who's husband passed on a year ago. Opposite her sat this much "older" woman who unfortunately didn't age wisely! She went about asking how my late uncle passed on, and what was the cause of his death, and my aunt still tired to reply to her in much hesitance of recalling everything. Nevertheless aunty did so in politeness to the age of the woman asking. Then there came a point where anyone would have shouted SHUT UP to that old crap of a woman! She went about claiming her versions of my uncle's death and continued with strings of "you should have and you shouldn't haves...." Good Lord.. I peeped at the right of my aunt and pierced a look at another aunt, both of us in total disgust, and honestly I would have taken the pleasure of saying SHUT UP but in respect

Waking the dead..

Few days ago, I had to make a stop at 7eleven, and since I parked in front of my daughter's school, and had almost 45 minutes in hand, I decided to walk into the hospital opposite the school to grab a drink and bite with my 4 year old son CJ whom I fetched from his kindergarten. My laziness to walk all the way to the front of the hospital made me try the loading bay instead, so with permission from the security guard of the hospital who was assisting a pharmaceutical truck unload, we walked through the lower ground floor and was told to take the elevator to the 1st floor that would bring us to the convenient store. We walked a little too far past the elevator and I went "Yikes" when I saw a door that had the sign "MORTUARY" on it. CJ asked me why I said Yikes, and I told him "that's where the dead people are kept" and he immediately said "shhhhhhhh!!!!" and I asked him why in return, and he replied, "I don't want to wake the

The Start of A New Page..

Everyone has their own stories and experiences when it comes to their days back in school. For many it was how they coped with their 1st day in Std 1, whether they cried or told their parents to leave immediately, how they hated the toilets or almost shat in their pants and worst of all, not seeing the old friends they got so attached with while in preschool. Let's face it, there are the very pampered but independent ones, and the extremely independent ones well variety is the spice of life, I know and I remember being the earlier of the types. I cried, and cried on my first day at school because I wanted my Mummy to be standing outside the class even though I had my older sister in Std 5 in the very same school. This time the universe has made it my turn. My smart independent little girl started std 1 last week unfortunately inherited my gene... she cried!!! Well not on the first day but the rest of the week she did. It wasn't easy to deal with the tearing and whene

A Blessed 2011..

The only new year resolution I have been making for the past 10 years is NOT TO HAVE A NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION and is by far the only one I have been able to keep. Why is because I break them eventually! Nevertheless I have made some rules which I told myself to strictly abide. They are: 1. To be happy despite the situation and to remember that there's a blessed reason for everything. 2. To avoid grumbling about the things and people who hurt me, because I only make myself feel depressed when my lips speak of them. 3. To avoid the people who have no sense of respect for others including ME, and bitches behind my back (of course if I were to come to know about it, which in most cases I do)! But whatever the case, my blog will be both my venting and praising sheet! So 2011, I see you as a breath of fresh air, since my last year was a beautiful year, I only expect this year to be God willing, as good as the last, come what may. Therefore I have decided to bless it with