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I have been very dependent and in love with this thing called COMPUTERS from a young age, but my experience has gone to a new dimension ever since my big brother Richard had passed on his baby to me (the very same person who brought this device into existence in my family). His MAC BOOK PRO!!! No wonder people say, you don't call a MAC a PC! You don't call a MAC BOOK a LAP TOP!!! IT'S CALLED A MAC!!! I guess by right I should justify why, but I'd rather say to you.. "Go get one for yourself and you'd know what I mean!" Yes it would cost you a lot, for some even a fortune, but let me drop just a bit enlightenment for you, if you think of PROFESSIONALISM, a MAC is the ANSWER!! Writing, imaging, music, movies and surfing has never been so fantastic till I got this beauty in my hands! I simply LOVE IT!!