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The Royals

The above photo was the print on a t-shirt I had when I six, given to me by my aunt who visited us from UK. Believe me when I say I loved the t-shirt and it was this tee that introduced the Royalties of England into my life.. Now that Kate and William are an item, photos of them flood away and the one I like the most is this... Simply LOVELY!!!

This is What Dreams Are Made Of - Hillary Duff

I got goose bumps when Traxx FM played this song on air today! It brought back memories of my nephew and niece doing a lovely duet at my wedding dinner back in 2003 and they were both just 12 and 14 years old then.. Great vocals and most of all wonderful spirit and guts they had.I love every word in this song as it is exactly what I see my life to be. Dreams are made of - having somewhere to belong and someone to love!! Love you John and Katrina!!! and Thank you.. the performance made the night great!!

Mother's Day

Yes it's mother's day on its way once again. Seriously, something is wrong with me, cause I'm just too tired of reading about this whole Mother I love you business everywhere and every time in papers, magazines, TV and radio! No I'm not bitter as I had a great mum to call mine, for a good period of time though I wished she had lived longer to see my kids; but all this is choking me! Tired of reading about other people's wonderful mothers and bla bla bla... It's like how Ebenezer Scrooge hated Christmas.. yes I feel like that. So will there be a ghost of Mother's Day Past, Present and Future visiting me? I sure hope not and I hope I snap out of this exhausting feeling I seem to have adopted over this celebration. I somehow make myself laugh at the end of this nauseous feeling by recalling the writing on a cake my brother Richard had bought for his wife on behalf of the kids at home, to celebrate this "auspicious" day. It said "HAPPY M

'6 months' rule

Professionals say that when it comes to handling your wardrobe, what you've not worn in 6 months would probably never be worn again. So the "6 months rule" came into serious play for me today and with that I managed to successfully box up and ship out half of my closet. Not only did I remove clothes I have not worn in 6 months, I actually also had clothes I have not worn in 18 years.. May be I was hoping to get back into the outfits I wore when I was 16, only realizing that even though I fit it them again, I'm way to old for that sort of fashion now that I have 3 kids and ultimately a better sense of style. Therefore everything from dresses to skirts to tank top and granny blouses went out of my residence and suddenly I am left behind with loads of vacant hangers and YES - space! Space for both my clothes and for my hands to pick them out as. All these while I needed the help of a genie for that. It sure feels good doing so, but now should I look at my cl