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Today is my mother's 9th Death Anniversary, God Bless her soul... And just a couple of minutes ago I decided to read the Good News Magazine Newsletter that I receive in my inbox and it talked about REPUTATION.. Mainly about how you would like to be remembered when you are dead and How would someone present the Eulogy at your funeral? Jokingly at the back of my head I said that I will assign this eulogy task on someone who is well read and spoken in English.. (this is what you get when you need to write an essay of 3K words about the benefits of speaking effectively in English) Well both my parents are certainly remembered for their goodness and kindness and their generosity and helpfulness towards those around them, and somehow too for being parents who brought their kids up right (this I hear from others who tell me..) The newsletter had this poem written by an unknown author and I decided to make it my post today thanks to the appropriateness. So here it is.. "

Taming the wild..

I know.. I just like giving my blog posts such dramatic titles. Then again it is a dramatic issue when it comes to HAIR!!! We women can never get enough with making this crowning glory of ours beautiful beyond compare.. envious even to the eyes of the beholder (ok now that's a little too dramatic) but my hair has a story of its own I tell you. I have never been satisfied with the wide range of shampoos I have tried throughout my life.. and that was since I was 15. It either dries my hair, makes it tangle up, dries it again, makes it drop like mad. Hell I had a bumpy journey in finding the right one.. The last week I decided to try SUN SILK. I remember dreading away the first time I used this brand in 2003. I used their anti dandruff shampoo but my scalp became itchy and I scratched it so badly I bled! (I know it's disgusting isn't it?) Kindly enough this time around, this brand is actually doing me JUSTICE!! My hair actually feel lighter and m

Ear for Music

Don't our kids amaze us almost every time.. and most of these times unexpectedly? Sometimes our children have got the ability to comprehend life better than most adults.. Guess it's true when experts say.. "To a child his entire world is a playground." They understand it better probably because they are not blinded by stress like us, adults, I guess. The one thing I admire in my kids is their ear for music. Not just music played on the radio or CDs but soundtracks too. We would watch movies together and I have realized that they (subconsciously i think) register the music played in the background of some of these movies. For this season, it's all about Klaus Badelt's music of Pirates of The Caribbean and because of this, I was asked to buy the soundtrack from iTunes, which I did, along with 21 other theme songs from various movies which they have in fact watched. With my inquisitive motive, I decided to give them a pop quiz on the themes.

Kung Fu Panda 2

"Everyone is born with a prewritten destiny.." You believe this? I do! Yes as much as we want to believe destiny lies in our own hands, the religious instinct in me believe that God has this all prewritten. Somehow no matter what you think you want to achieve, you get it otherwise and sometimes in fact better than what you've expected. Po did! I know it's fictional but the writer isn't fiction! I liked the way the story line was written. In fact I preferred this to the first one. It's funny for the kids, and most of all inspiring to the adults who think nothing much of themselves.

Pirates of The Caribbean - On Stranger Tides

I just can't get enough of Jack Sparrow! Really, he's the best thing ever created! On Stranger Tides gave a completely new splash to the story and it was quite impressive. I wanted very much to watch it also because of Penelope Cruz who's acting somehow turned out to be just Ok for me actually. Black Beard and the mermaids were an interesting inclusion to the story. The hilarious part was that the story needed a CATHOLIC to destroy the Fountain Of Youth! The Spaniards looked as though they were in the hunt for the fountain for themselves! Yes Eternal Life is in GOD! Not some fountain! You pirates! Anyway.. Jack Sparrow was the reason I went for the movie, and this lines were just great including his act of course. Yes, why would Jack Sparrow give the drink of eternal life to Angelica? Jack Sparrow doesn't need to live till eternity.. His NAME will do that for him! And which of the 4 POTC I liked the most? 1-2-3 and 4 most definitely!!

Tonight (I'm Loving You)..

Enrique Iglesias's Tonight I'm loving You, not only catches my ear, it catches my entire being. Goodness I just love it! It's the sort of song that can turn that sexy side of you in an instant. May be the Obedient Wife Club of Malaysia should recommend music therapy for accentuating the mood for promoting HEALTY FUN LOVE MAKING in marriages rather than advising women on providing SEX LIKE A 1ST CLASS PROSTITUTE for their husband to ease their husband's need thus reducing trouble in their marriage. I wonder where's the connection between obedience and the style of a "lady of the night"? This is professionally and ethically questionable on the grounds of woman's right! Women need to be obedient to avoid having their husbands stray and cheat on them? A STRAY DOG WILL STILL STRAY NO MATTER WHAT YOU FEED IT!!!! I respect the fact that they want to reduce divorces and domestic violence, but they sound like it has to only be the act of the wo

It's GOODBYE to AI..

I pledged a week before the finals of American Idol that if Scotty McCreery were to win, I would STOP watching this show (luckily I didn't pledge to shaving my head!) Last year's winner was a complete clown and now this.. The final show was not just obnoxious as to who won it, but that performance where Marc Anthony had his wife dance like it were a slut show was even more unappealing. Call me Indian, Asian whatever but she's a judge on the show and she performed like that next to her husband just wasn't SEXY anymore... and I really like JLo mind you.. Back to my point, I shall safe myself the trouble of following AI on their road to a winner.. cause their winners sadly SUCK!

Emotional Cyclone

"I'm a woman and I love, love stories." I guess it's safe for me to say that. Romance is a complex state that stirs hormones and emotions and can bring about tears, a tacycardiac reaction and the big O for some, eh who am I kidding, many I meant. But I'm talking about the simplest of cyclonic emotions. Yea how can a cyclone be small, but when you watch a good love story, you get your heart feeling a sweet catastrophe in the making. Yes 'catastrophe' because it gives you all the wonderful feeling inside and then you go back to reality.. screaming kids, messed up houses, and unfolded laundry (generally speaking). Just the other day I watched "Letters to Juliet" and I loved it! I loved it because it made me cry observing the character of Sophie. Hoping and wanting Sophie to finally find her one true love, and how her quest in search of it for a complete stranger brought about her own destiny. Dear John, Nights in Rodanthe, or even The Accide

Shall get on with it..

My classes for this semester has started, and as much as I would like to say it was great, I just can't. (I love the subjects I'm taking this sem though) and here is why.. My first tutor for the morning seem to have an urgent need to tell us how much qualification he has, actually more like which are the institutions he has studied in and not enough he even bragged about how he comes from a family who has all graduates and have stepped into the UNIVERSITY bla bla bla, in other words he states they are all "Educated" people! You know when that line "With great powers comes great responsibility!" was used so seriously in Spiderman, it should also be applied here! Come on, he is a tutor who spent 3/4 of the tutorial talking about his education, his wife's and his generation of University graduates, but he could not speak a sentence of english without having major grammatical errors in it! In fact when he spoke in his mother tongue, he fumbled quite the