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Of All Places????

 The shopping malls are a favorite hang out place for most people.. What else right? Already we live in a concrete world and most of us sit in a box, luxurious or not and hitting the playground as a family for a picnic or for the evening is not a hotspot anymore for most people. So when you get to have everything under one roof, you'll get EVERYONE there too!  Everyone in the context of sensible and senseless people.  Yesterday my family and I made a trip to Sunway Pyramid and here's why I ask; "OF ALL PLACES????" WHAT IS THE ESCALATOR FOR? It is the means of transport within the mall that gets you from one floor to another! The escalator is not the place you discuss in a group on where to go next especially when this takes place at the walk off point!!! There are oncoming passengers behind you! Don't be stupid to stand there and wonder where to walk next!!! WHAT IS THE ELEVATOR FOR? It is a means of transport within a mall that gets you from one flo

Hotel California?

Have you ever had the feeling of not wanting to leave a place after you've spent several hours in it? Well here's why this post is called Hotel California.. (do not refer to the allegoric hedonistic interpretation of the song ok!) "You can check out anytime but you can never leave..."  Well.. I had my sister over at our place for the weekend to help me watch the kids while I was away for my exams.. then came Sunday evening, when it was time for her to go back home.. she looked at me and said.. "It's just too difficult to leave! Your house is like HOTEL CALIFORNIA!" Once you check in you can never check out!! (That's her version of the song!)  I totally understand how she felt..  Isn't it true that when you are surrounded  by family, or even friends that are so dear to you, you just can't leave even when the time is up?  It's like both your body and spirit isn't willing to let you go from that bond you feel so stron

Buying a Car? What's your Sex?

Listening to the local radio station for a morning drive, excuse me, I meant for the morning traffic has its perks. Who am I kidding? Some days it can be really annoying having to listen to the DJ speak non stop and play lousy repeated songs!! So today as my routine of listening and cursing (in my mind of course) the radio station while I drive to send my kids to school, the hot topic was HOW DIFFERENTLY DO MEN AND WOMEN THINK BEFORE BUYING A CAR? According to 1 playback of a caller to the radio station, this is what that bloody fool had to say: "WOMEN CHOOSE THEIR CAR BASED ON LOOKS! NOTHING MORE! ALL THEY WANT IS HAVE A CAR THAT CAN BE FUELED UP AND DRIVEN OFF! THEY DON'T THINK ABOUT FUEL ECONOMY OR SERVICING THE CAR AND EXPECTS IT TO LAST FOREVER!!" To me that sounded like how a fair population of MAN WOULD CHOOSE HIS WOMAN! Based on LOOKS, just fuel her up and drive off!! Not thinking about fuel economy nor attending to service it and expects that

It Is In Giving That We Receive

Karma is a very STRONG word. Everytime we do or say something, subconsciously we worry if it's good or bad and if this act is one day going to bite us in the ass? But there are many who do the worst things to others but never wondered if it was going to bite them back one day and when that time comes, they sit and question..  WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?  WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?  WHY AM I NOT BLESSED?  WHY IS GOD PUNISHING ME?  So finally it lands to GOD being blamed? People do the things they do, and then for some reason they forget or choose to forget and then wonder and blame others and GOD! It is not just in charity that you receive in giving. When we deliberately hurt the ones who love us (especially our children who depend on us for nothing more than UNCONDITIONAL LOVE), take their existence in our life for granted, or even throw our hormonal tantrums over them without caring less of their feelings.. and when you stop receiving any kindn


For the longest time I have always hated the word WHATEVER! Not the obvious definition of the word itself, but the way it is used and the intonation of its use. It can be disrespectfully rude when used especially after you have given so much effort in explaining something to someone (upon request that too), and that listener, probably due to inability to comprehend or simply to the fact gives a damn over your efforts throws a "WHATEVER" at you. An arrogant WHATEVER is like slapping YOURSELF in the face.. I'm simply getting tired of wondering how these sort of people speak and not know how they sound when they throw this word in the most insolent way at another. If "I DONT CARE aka WHATEVER" is going to be the answer you give to another... then save the speaker all the trouble by not asking or sounding like a bloody fool in the first place! Trust me such EGO talk makes only YOU look dumber!!!