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Angry Birds

If you have played this game on your mobile.. you would agree with me that it's FUN and addictive. Yes I have completed and cleared all the levels and I'm proud to say that I'm satisfied with my mini accomplishment. So if there's more... BRING IT ON!!! However, my post today is not merely about this App, but about literally placing the people who annoy you on stones and sticks and shooting birds, and explosive eggs at them! Yes the start of this week pretty much pissed me off till I had this imaginary game playing in the front of my head where I stacked the staff of my learning center on sticks, stones, and huts and had birds on a slingshot knock them down. Doesn't it piss you off to call a government organization, or an education institution, or a healthcare company or anyone for that matter and not have the damn phone answered?  At official working hours, you expect an official working ethics too! Don't you? So I called and called fro