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Shoe.. shoe.. where are you?

Some time ago a friend of mine who went shopping with me asked me how is it I could go into a store and pick out a pair of shoes in less than 30 minutes and come out happy? Honestly I never realized the speedy time frame till this friend of mine pointed it out. I somehow see everything in the store and pick one right out because I feel it’s pretty, practical and most of all affordable. Which is probably why I shoe shop only after I have the outfit in mind, so I’d know exactly what would suite best. Like today was my buy on this pair from Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club. I wanted something that would look great with my pants and my skirts and I fell in love with this pair in less than 10minutes from entering the store. Thank Heavens they had my size! Best of all thank goodness it’s in my budget! My Purple Brown Shoe! Lovely!!

Epidermomolelogy - Fact or Fiction vs Friend or Foe?

EPIDERMOLELOGY (Epidermo-mole-logy) yes I made that term up. So please don’t go looking for it in the dictionary! It’s the mole on your skin that’s what I’m implying here. Since ancient times, the positioning of a mole in a person’s body always came with an unravelling mystery of the future. How far are these fortune telling believable? I grew up being told that the mole below my left foot indicated I would travel far. The furthest I went was India. Would there be more? I sure hope I would get to visit Europe, America and Africa before I die. But did it mean I would travel far geographically or travel far in my life’s path? After giving birth to my children, I now have many new moles which I believe is scientifically the overproduction of melanin at that spot in my epidermis layer, but earlier this week, my helper who is a Philipino lady, tells me that my mole on my right shoulder indicates that I am bearing a huge load of worries for others in their lives. I was utterly sur

Saying.. Thank You!

Many kids these days fail to have the most basic etiquette instilled in them such as saying Thank You or I'm sorry or even Excuse Me! It's as though they walk around like the world owes them for their existence or something! Do these kids come from parents who behave similarly? Or are these kids from parents with high morality and manners but simply failed to make sure their kids are nurtured the same. I think not saying thank you is the most disgusting attribute one can ever have and it's sad when it is so common these days with kids. Gratitude initiates the act of saying thank you. So when they failed to say it, should we assume they are ungrateful? Probably.. But I guess that's a whole different territory to venture on. Don't forget your thank you's and most of all don't forget to R-E-M-I-N-D those who have failed to do so!!

My 3rd Published Book!

This is my 3rd book on Amazon, published on the 30th of May 2012. Well it’s about my little girl and her birthdays. Yup if you write about your son you sure have got to write about your daughter too. Anyway, I enjoyed writing this for her and I hope you enjoy reading it!! Its available on in both paperback or Kindle.