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Call me backdated.. But I've always wanted to read all 7 books of the Chronicles of Narnia and I got all 7 in 1 for RM29.90 today thanks to BookXcess! Many say you can never be too old to read them.. And after reading so much about the context of this book and hearing so much about it from my sisters in law.. I know I'm going to love it!!


I must say Helen Mirren played an interesting role in this movie.. But once again this is not a movie review I'm doing but a connection to her role as Arthur's nanny. I cried so much after she died in her sleep especially after learning that she had sacrificed her love to care for Arthur after his father died when he was only 3 and that too to a mother who's forte wasn't mothering. Sacrifice is so rarely seen these days without expectations in return. When you are graced by someone who does it for you, you really have to embrace it. Grief over the loss of a love one is something that can't be healed so easily. Watching her death reminded me of the loss of my mum - unfair and untimely! It's when you need the person the most, that the Universe thinks it has the right to take it away from you.. And in my case I was whirled right after loosing my mum into dealing with people who had no respect over my grievances, who thought they could comment insolent stateme

Narcissistic Mothers!

Reading this book written by Dr. Karyl McBride, has opened an entirely new dimension of life to me. I wasn’t all that shock to know Narcissistic mothers existed but it’s sad to know that there are many mothers out there who suck at watching out for their daughters and make it all about themselves while ruining the entire existence of their child. Selfish, self absorbed women who think its an obligation that their daughters should take care of them after failing to be a positive image towards the growth of their child is apparently very classic of them. As much as it was difficult for me to read this book in public because of its title that had nothing to do with me and my wonderful mother, I couldn’t bring myself to putting this book down because every example Dr Karyl made in her book from her own experience being a daughter to a narcissistic mother and examples from her patients, just kept catching my throat as well as my attention to go on reading - to think a woman could be such