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Jack The Giant Slayer (2013)

Let me start of this post by saying the movie was awesome! The special effects were good and the plot certainly took this old age folktale to a whole new level. Of course it took me by surprise to know the name of the princess and thought what an excellent choice it is. Ewan McGregor carried such poise in his act. He was like the James Bond of that time. But what made the movie stunning was definitely the GIANTS! They made the movie worth watching. All my kiddos loved the gruesome, disgusting giants most. An enjoyable movie indeed. One worth watching with your kids. And Happy Birthday to me.. I'm officially 36 years old!!


The Oscars... The greatest award show! And thanks to my ASTRO PVR, I recorded the live show and watched it as a delayed live so I could get rid of all the advertisements. Initially I was forwarding the ads alone then I ended up forwarding the speeches of the oscar winners and gladly I did the same for the host Seth MacFarlene! Seth, to me was a complete disgrace to an award so great as the Oscars! His certainly had no class in his choice of jokes and he hosted it as if it were one of his stand up show at a run down bar in some dark alley! Doesn’t anyone look carefully into the script the host should be presenting or is that the standards of the Academy Awards now? He sucked big time ok! Well, back to the Oscars ignoring Seth of course, I’m happy Anne Hathaway got the Best Supporting Actress, she earned it, but sadly the Prada dress she wore which looked best from the back alone, was nothing close to what she deserved. I’m so proud Life of Pi took home 4 awards and Ang Lee re

What are you thinking?

As I drove my son to school today, I asked him what he was thinking because he looked so lost in his thoughts. He of course replied, “nothing”, smiled at me and went back into his thoughts again. I decided to throw some suggestions of what I thought he might be thinking about and I got the first one right - “are you thinking about what you want to do today on your XBox?” and he nodded a YES and became shy. I remember my niece sharing this with me once, how when she was a kid only her physical body went to school but her mind was still stuck on the game she left unfinished the night before. She felt a sense of entrapment and decided to be the master of the issue rather than to drown in and loose out on life. Amazingly, she was so young back then, yet she was able to make such a remarkable choice - that explains her flying colours! Can addiction be beneficial in anyway? If you're addicted to reading, no one usually complains. But what happens if you’re addicted to video games

International Book Giving Day

Incidentally,  Valentine’s Day is also International Book Giving Day! So donate or Gift a book to a child today and spread the love of reading and imagination on what is the best day of the year, Valentine’s Day.. The day when LOVE is overwhelmingly felt.. after all, it is this LOVE that allows words to be scripted together into making books that can change the life of a person forever..  International Book Giving Day is a volunteer initiative aimed at increasing a child’s access to and enthusiasm for books. You may participate in celebrating this day by: 1. Giving a book to a friend or a relative 2. Leaving a book in a waiting room or  lobby 3. Donating a book at homes, schools or child centres. Share this day with a child then share it for the world to see so you not only made a kid happy, but you also worked into spreading this message for more children to be happy in the following years to come..

Yes There’s Always Two Side To A Story - The Truth and The Other Truth!

Have you noticed how good news would always have just one side to its story? The only variation in that version would be the height of grandiosity it holds. However it almost never seems so when the news is BAD - news on separation, divorce, family fights and misunderstandings etc. Like most would say - “There’s always 2 sides to a story just as there’s always 2 sides to a coin!” Well I would certainly agree that there are 2 sides to a coin, because both sides make the coin what it is. How then would 2 sides of the story not be 2 truths to a story? End of the day people say what they need to say to either spread the truth, or make people believe in them no matter what the truth is. It’s after all their perspective to their situation. But what would you do if you had to stand in the middle of this 2 sides? Most people would say nothing and do nothing and probably just go missing.. Some would amplify the story and make a 3rd and 4th side.. Some would take your problems and

THE 2013 BANG!

2013 for me most definitely came with a BANG!  No not because the Mayans were wrong with their prediction. This bang was a BANG in MY HEAD and MY HEART! I lost my most dearest brother Richard to a sudden and unexpected death. I never thought I would see him be put to rest so soon. Never thought I would have to do it at this age! In plain honesty, I never thought about death amongst my siblings! I never thought after putting my mum to rest 10 years ago and my dad 14 years ago, I would have to encounter another great loss this soon! I never even thought any other death besides the death of my parents could grieve me so deeply until I was proven wrong last 17th of Dec when I heard the words - I'M SORRY, WE REALLY TRIED OUR BEST - from the German Doctor!  Bottom line - the death of someone you sincerely love but most of all who sincerely loved you will kill you - full stop! I learnt that. You feel it more when you know you have lost forever the person who loved you