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Malaysian Neighbours

I came back from sending Belle to school today and found this in my mailbox, with only my house number on it and I thought it was a memo from the Management office or something, instead it was a wedding invitation from a neighbour I haven’t spoken to nor do I know which face to place with the address and name in the card, but yes its an invitation to those living in 210 - My family! This brought back memories of life outside the CITY. Back when I lived in Klang, I remember the number of invitations my parents would receive from neighbours left and right, back and front of our house and although many of them we did not know personally, the invitation to a happy occasion such as a wedding never stopped coming by our home. Of course one of us would make the effort to go as a sign of neighbourly respect, and when sadness befall a neighbour, such as death, we would go and pay our respects as well, even though we never knew them personally. All that kept us together was the fact that WE

Jasper’s on

I received a wonderful news this morning, Jasper from my book AN ODDLY HELPER is now available on’s social network site as a Virtual Gift for love and friendship. This is sure one lucky star, to me especially. For those of you who do not know Jasper, do buy my book on and discover Jasper’s amazing story. My little Jasper is surely going places! Well done and Congratulations JASPER, and a big THANK YOU to mig33 ! 

War On Kids

Last night my kids and I watched WAR ON KIDS, the Independent Documentary on Sundance Channel and at the end when the scene changed to an African American student aged around 7 being handcuffed by 2 police in the school office, CJ started crying. He became so upset that he said - WHY DONT AMERICANS LET KIDS BE KIDS? THEY ARE JUST CHILDREN! NOT BAD GUYS!!! Then I told him, yeah we are blessed to be living here, imagine if you were there and you tried to be ULTRAMAN with your friends in school? What on earth would they do then? He argued saying, WHY NOT? ISNT SPIDERMAN, SUPERMAN and IRONMAN from there? Then Belle said YEAH EVEN HULK! WHY THEY MAKE MOVIES LIKE THAT BUT WHEN A KID PUTS HIS HAND LIKE A GUN THEY GET ARRESTED??? SO DUMB!! Thats the logic you get from a 6 and 9 year old. Kids do what they see on TV, but they also get punished in school so drastically? Why isn’t correcting a child with some logic added to it beneficial enough? Must they at such a tender age, and at a

International Women’s Day 2013

I honestly have mixed feelings about celebrating International Women’s Day. Besides celebrating the success of women in various different fields, have we women truly succeeded in our evolution through time? May be we have come a long way from how our kind has been treated in the past, and certainly such a day is wonderful to celebrate the many women who have fought for women’s rights especially for violence against women, but has violence against women actually stopped or reduced for that matter? We still see so much in the news about women being raped, abused, murdered, trafficked, cheated, victims of child marriages and women who are condemned for standing up for their own rights and these are just what's reported. 3/4 go unnoticed by anyone other than the victim itself. I think the question I would like to ask on this day is how we as women ourselves respect other women? We are so quick to throw sly remarks at women who make us feel jealous and threatened. We are so qui

Oz! The Great And Powerful

Zim Zala Bim! Oz! How I'm glad I got to watch this movie with my kiddos. My kiddos love the story of Wizard of Oz, and this movie was a wonderful preview to what comes next, Dorothy’s adventure into Emerald City. If you’ve watched the movie, you would realise how Oz represents many of us in real life. A person who wants to reach great heights but had no means or clue of how to use his capabilities to getting there till encouraged by the simplest gift a person could ever have - friendship. It also carries a good lesson for women not to be fooled by the charms of a man, as most of them have hidden agendas. Theodora, had to learn it the hard way, although I must say for being witch, she hardly had intuition in her. She couldn’t foresee her own destiny. Or is that a trait of a fairy? Ah well, anyway, you’d clearly though not explicitly see how Oz get a second chance at life, and what he couldn’t do right in his first, he tries to fool through in the 2nd as well, but circumstances