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The Issue With "Allah"

You know the saying, "When a FOOL is corrected, he gets mad, but when a wise man is corrected he appreciates and learns"? Well, you can apply that directly in the issue faced in Malaysia over the use of the name Allah for the sole purpose of respecting language amongst the Malay speaking Catholics in Malaysia. It just sickens me to see how Malaysia needs to shut people down when they speak the truth while fools get to go on talking crap and claim its theology and Islamic civilisation. So if the Vatican Rep, Joseph Marino's apology is not enough, for his mere opinion which is based on historic truth to be exact, what do these people want in order to stop feeling threatened? Oh yes, he needs to LEAVE THE COUNTRY right? Only then will these people feel glorious and mighty that they stood up for what they claim. (Although I must say, Marino should have done his homework before coming to Malaysia! Anyone who knows Malaysia, must know what you can and cannot say in this coun

The Kid and His Potato Chip Packet - My Story For Today

As I waited in front of Belle's school today, my eyes locked on 2 boys leaning on the wall fence busy yapping with each other while 1 of them had his hand sticking out of the fence holding a potato chip packet.  Looking at him, I sensed what he was going to do - he was going to drop the trash out on the ground in front of the school and as my thought ended, he did it! He actually checked his parameters and cooly let his fingers go off the packet and walah.. he has thrown his trash. He probably thought that was the end of his story with that miserable packet but guess what? It wasn't! My hand automatically hit my car horn (as if it had a mind of its own) so hard as the packet left his grip and the school guard walked up behind those boys, overlooking them to see who honked. The 2 of them were looking around too and I got out of my car, walked up to the fence and asked the kid, as I pointed my finger to the packet, what was his problem in looking for a trash bin to th

The Holy Month of Ramadan & Belle

Last week CJ came home with a picture he coloured in school which said MONTH OF RAMADAN and it was on our study table along with our books and reading materials till yesterday, being the first day of Ramadan and Belle's official experience of the fasting month in a public school, since previously being in a private school with only a handful of Malays and Muslim, she had no experience of personally seeing someone fast, other than for ourselves during our Holy Month of LENT but even then I have not put my kids on a fasting ritual yet. Belle came home with a new recess instruction for the non-muslims in school. Recess was shortened slightly, which meant the non muslims would have to eat faster and get back to class sooner than usual. She was not upset with the arrangement, but what impressed me most was what she did last night. While arranging the books on the study table, she saw CJ's colouring and she looked at it for a while and turned to ask me if she could place it on ou


Efforts of making progress in English in our Malaysian National Schools are being taken very seriously by a good number of Malaysian parents for the future generation. As we know the level of English proficiency amongst majority of Malaysians are poor and efforts to improvise this condition has not seen the light of seriousness despite the increased numbers of UNEMPLOYABLE graduates Malaysia has been producing year after year. Despite the reality of poor efficiency, there are a great number of children who speak and write well in English, and could excel a lot more if they were given the opportunity to be educated in English and many parents feel the need to see the ambitions and visions of these children be lifted and promoted by having them educated in an English Medium-National Type School here in Malaysia. While we have the Chinese and Tamil type schools to cater for those who speak Chinese and Tamil as their first language, we feel it is only right to have those who speak Engl