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I have been sitting on this page for the past 2 days, wondering what I should say. After my many failed attempts of coming up with something in this post, I decided to turn my title into a question instead.  Am I proud to be a Malaysian? Well, I instantaneously answered myself, "Why shouldn't I be?" The Media has been trying hard to ignite the spirit of Merdeka, although you don't see it in the air as much as it used to be in the past. As much as there's a lot of bickering going on with the current government (who's always been our government since Independence, so much so I think we freed ourselves from Colonialism and got ourselves attached to 'Barisanism') and not a single day has passed us by since GE13, without a ridiculous news in the media of someone saying something senseless, pointless, baseless, etc etc etc (end of thinking capacity). The bullshit in the news is just too much to handle that it gives us a nauseating headache