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Happy International Women's Day 2015

We've come to that time of the year again, where we honour and celebrate the women who had fought for equality, strived for peace and justice, those who reached great heights and those aspiring to do great things. We celebrate and honour the women who have their names  constantly mentioned in the media for their honorable deeds, women who have made it into our history books for their achievements, and those whose names are engraved and highlighted in the hearts of their loved ones - the ordinary yet extraordinary women like you and me. The role of a woman is beyond limits, you and I know that and we also know that when we put our mind and heart to something, we can take it real far and reach the greatest height of success.   I always tell the people around me that we all have a purpose in life, no matter what our influential value is in society, we all have been given a role and a task to perform, we only need to discover it. These days, I've found myself saying so to my childr