21st Century Educators

Being a teacher in the Internet era is a completely different ball game with  information being accessible to students at the tip of their fingers. 

Being an educator in the 21st century, we need to keep ourselves updated and convey knowledge that is credible in order to gain our pupils' respect and this is not confined only to science and technology subjects but everything in the curricular including art. We need to be able to incorporate different teaching and learning methods to continuously capture the attention and interest of our students. 

Are we technology savvy enough to be functioning as educators of the 21st century? 

We live in the time where learning and learners are no longer the same as yesteryears. We've evolved so much that even projects and presentations are no longer made on art blocks, manila cardboards or PowerPoint but made as video presentations and podcasts.

We need to watch what we say when we teach - say something ridiculous and parents who are no longer Grade 6 school leavers will come after you. I know I do with my children's teachers - no not because I want to act smart but when I know for a fact something is taught wrongly it needs to be corrected for the benefit of all learners of that teacher's - present and future. 

What's horrifying is how many teachers fail to improve themselves and when they are questioned, queried or even spoken of on social media (which is the in-thing these days) they get offended! 

We should move up with time. We no longer live in the era where teachers are synonymous to almighty. We need to know what we are talking about in order to survive this fast paced world. Lag and we'll fall flat on our face and we'd only have ourselves to blame for the joke we've made of ourselves. 

We can't keep blaming the system when a lot truly lies within the hands of the educator itself. 


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