Citizen's Arrest

With everything that goes on these days, the words common sense being uncommon keeps sounding again and again in the media and in casual chats among friends and family, so often that we don’t give a damn anymore about it.

While being able to say what is and isn’t sensible, not many are willing to reprimand a wrong doer. Why? Is it because they don’t have the guts? Do they feels it is not their business or think someone else will deal with the correctional actions? Does it only become a hot topic of discussion on a social media site because most people are all about talk and not action? We just allow people to do what they want and give a blind eye to it - it’s more convenient that way because you want to avoid being physically injured by the other party for telling on them.

Imagine if we still practiced citizen's arrest?

How many people would be summoned for all the wrong things they do?

For littering (including throwing trash out of their vehicles) and illegal waste dumping, for vandalising public property, for peeing in open areas, for double parking, for smoking in non-smoking areas, for being drunk and disrupting public peace, road bullying and so many more.
If only we had the right to apprehend them.

Everyday, without fail, you will see people taking things for granted and being so irresponsible towards nature and breaking the law on so many micro matters that if continues long enough would show insidious results.

It’s as if education was wasted on them and since education is not making citizens ethical, what else would?


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