Living A Plus Size Life

I had a rather unexpected yet interesting weekend after discovering a post on FB on what was supposedly or should I say apparently a FAT SHAMING advertisement by Hewlett Packard on their Spectra - the world's thinnest laptop.

This was brought to attention by fat-positive feminist, sexologist and author Virgie Tovar of USA who says HP's new ad is unacceptable, absurd, and body shaming and that its tagline "Power To The Thinnest" is an insult to the fat community - yes you read that right, a laptop's tagline is an insult to the fat community.

In my amazement of this new world I discovered - a world where people are offended by adjectives used to describe an innovation that has no life within it, a machine with electronics and processors, used to connect with other people and do complete work and create more creations, is being condemned for being hailed thin and light. Really? I did have a hilarious time trying to understand this last Friday. I mean it's a laptop for crying out loud!

Should I feel offended that the laptop is thin? Or that people like a thin laptop? Or am I offending other plus size people if I go buy a thin laptop? Would that mean I am supporting HP in shaming people who are big like me? Hmmm... wait let me see...  I have a Mac Book Air, if apple had any lighter and thinner MacBooks which I could afford, I'd go get that because my God it's a LAPTOP!!!!!! It's not like I'm out shopping for a groom or bride! And if you're walking down the street and you see this ad, how on earth can people think - "HEY! WTF! HP! YOU'RE FAT SHAMING ME!" How else are they going to word their world's thinnest laptop?

What's with the obsession over words that mean the opposite of large? Can't people use them to state a measurement fact? Must the plus size community be so sensitive that it pisses people off thinking we are being ridiculous, expecting the world to change its vocabulary just to accommodate us? It's not a bra they are promoting you know, it's a laptop!

If HP had advertised its ultra thin laptop in the hands of an ultra thin model and said 'power to the thinnest', ok then go get pissed if you want, yes, fat people buy laptops too. But HP did not do that!
Even with the above image, a slim model wanting to have the laptop - can you imagine if they had put a larger guy in the picture and the laptop being the thinnest in the world, that would have been another cry of insult, definitely claiming it as fat shaming too. Why must a fat guy be subjected to this? You know what, if we live our lives being pissed at everything, we'd be best locked up in a room with nothing around us.

So if you go get all upset about how an advertisement has worded their products, ask yourself, is that product a living thing? Should I get offended that people want things small and slim while I'm not either one of those? Is it fair to myself and those who might be depending on me to feel positive about themselves to go all berserk over an advertisement that has nothing to do with plus size humans?

Do I have to give all these words power over me? The power to destroy my self-esteem? If it were that easily destroyed, then I would think, I don't have any to begin with.

If you are big, as I am, and have no reason to believe you need to lose weight (I don't think that way by the way - I'd like to lose the weight I gained due to child birth and an inactive thyroid but I'm no less confident and I am happy with the woman I am today!) and is happy with the figure you are in; you celebrate life just the way you are, then don't go around expecting changes in things that don't fall in the category of true shaming towards you as what is put out by Virgie, or her followers.

I believe it is important to chose your fights. Don't scream discrimination over everything and anything without seeing it from a different, non absurd perspective. Keeping such an approach can only drive out all the seriousness placed on your cause (body positive) even when it truly means making people stop fat-shaming.

Empower the younger generation and the old by showing they are above adjectives! We don't need to customise the world to make it perfect for us, we only need to make sure HUMANS treat other HUMANS of any size with respect - this includes the plus sized not insulting the thin!


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