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The Sky Isn't the Limit!

I was busy googling for unique facebook bios and found this site that had about hundred plus of it. Went through each and I found this and it is so apt to what I always say against "The Sky Is The Limit" phrase. I don't know who came up with this saying.. but I love it! Decided to design it in a Facebook Cover and this is it. 💗

Happy International Women's Day

Yes, it's 8th of March once again and it's our day! But before I wish you a Happy International Women's Day, I'd like to ask you to ask yourself.. how many times have you wished for a woman to have a stone thrown at her for how much she has pissed you off? Or how many times have you accused a lady of something you have no clue about? Or join in a gossip not to help but only because it gives you the high to know how badly one is behaving or how rotten their life is turning out to be? How much do you actually do to make the wrongs in another woman's life, right? I may sound like Ebenezer Scrooge right now as he nagged over Christmas, but before we go wishing everyone with ovaries, can we ask ourselves this? Just to set the record straight, I'm not a saint with my opinions on other women myself. I do let my annoyance and anger get the better of me, sometimes to the greatest extent of calling one bitch! Because that's the thing right, we think we can just